Monster Book vs. Movie Review

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By Chandler Chandler

Monster Book vs. Movie Review

Chandler Chandler

Monster Book vs. Movie Review

When we talk about the “Monster,” we find ourselves exploring a story that’s told in two different ways: through the pages of a book and on the big screen in a movie. Both the Monster book and the movie tell us about Steve, a young man who finds himself in a tough spot, which is accused of a crime and trying to prove his innocence.

All About the Monster Book

The Monster book is like a window into Steve’s mind. It is written in a way that lets us see his thoughts and feelings, almost like we are reading his diary. 

A big part of the book is made up of letters Steve wrote while he was in prison, which helps us understand what he is going through.

What is the plot of Monster?

“Monster” is a novel by Walter Dean Myers that tells the story of Steve Harmon, a sixteen-year-old boy on trial for his alleged involvement in a robbery that ended in murder. In the book, Steve documents his experiences in the form of a screenplay while in prison, grappling with his identity and how he is perceived by others.

The 2018 film adaptation shares a similar plot, which focuses on Steve Harmon’s trial and his fight to clear his name from the felony murder charge. The movie is all about the themes of truth, justice, and humanity through the lens of a legal drama.

The Movie “Monster”

On the other hand, the movie gives us a chance to see the story come to life. We get to watch the characters move and talk, which can make some parts of the story feel more real. The movie also has a way of making some characters stand out more, which adds to the impact they have on the story.

Monster Book versus Movie

Both the book and the movie do a great job of sharing Steve’s story. The book lets us really get to know Steve’s thoughts because it includes the letters he writes from jail. 

The movie shows us the story with pictures and makes some of the people in it stand out more. If we had to choose, the book tells the story best.

Which One Wins?

When we put the book and the movie side by side, it’s like trying to choose your favorite ice cream flavor, both are good in their own ways. However, if we have to pick one, the book takes the lead. It is better at showing us what is going on inside Steve’s head, which is a big part of what makes “Monster” such a powerful story.


Whether you choose to read the Monster book or watch the movie, is a story that will make you think and feel. It is a tale that shows us the power of understanding and the importance of seeing things from different perspectives.

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