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Personalized Educational Books


Your child can learn important foundation skills while having fun with these delightful books, which feature your child’s own name on the cover and throughout the books!

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As part of our LIFE (life is fun and educational) range, your child will have an interactive reading experience. There are countless benefits of reading to children and our range encourages them to join in too.

Educational books for toddlers can be a big help in teaching your child the basics of things like shape and color recognition, numbers, and letters, and with these beautifully illustrated first learning books, your child can have fun as they learn! Within this range of kids’ learning books you’ll find books designed to teach kids all different useful things, from practicing writing their name or counting, through recognizing and naming colors and shapes. You can even help your child learn important social skills with our Flossy and Jim range! 

All of these educational books are suitable for children ages 1+ who are taking their first steps in reading and learning from books. You can personalize each book with your child’s own name on the cover and title page, and also appearing throughout the content, incorporated into the pictures inside the book. Seeing their own name in the book is not only great fun and makes the book a more special gift, but will also help your child recognize the letters in their name and learn to write it!

life is fun and educational