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Personalized Mother’s Day Books


You can never have too many books. A Mother’s Day book is more than a one-off read. It’s a keepsake for a lifetime.

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We can all agree, mothers know best. But, just how do they become all-knowing beings who can locate your missing shoe in less time than it takes for you to ask ‘mom, where’s my…’? Well, it’s simple really. Moms read. Wisdom, intelligence and their general ‘know-how’ manner is down to their love for books. This year, why not put a personalized twist on one of our Mother’s Day Books?

After all, personalized Mother’s Day books aren’t just one-off reads. The books can all be personalized with mum’s name, along with a loving message on the inside page. There’s even a variety of fiction and non-fiction gems in our collection that mum will undoubtedly treasure. One or two spoofs, a bit of comedy and maybe a Mills and Boon book here or there – whatever you choose, you’re going to make mom’s day this year.