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Why is Personalization so Appealing?

Personalized books are vessels for children to develop who they are and will be. Each book is a journey created just for the child and a personalized book is where the adventure starts. Their eyes will light up when they spot their name on the cover or find their name sprinkled in the images.

The luxury of being able to personalise a book is becoming an increasingly popular gift too. In the US in 2019, the most popular boy’s name was ‘Jackson’ and the most popular girl’s name was ‘Sophia’.

Traditional names such as ‘Jackson’ and ‘Sophia’ are more likely to appear on a novelty gift you can purchase on holiday, whereas rare, uncommon names like ‘Ryder’ or ‘Elsie’ may not. That’s where a personalized book can become a truly special gift. 

When buying keepsakes, we’re more attracted to personalized gifts as they make the recipient feel more special and unique. Plus, the chances of someone else buying the same gift are slim to none, as a personalized gift is made just for that person and the occasion.

Although ‘personalising’ a storybook is an automatic process, the action is unique. It gives the individual the impression that you’ve taken the time to design every aspect of the gift. This is an important notion for children, to help them realize their self-worth, even if it’s one small action like writing them into a book; the reward is bountiful. 

A child’s mind is extraordinary. They’re more susceptible to the magic of a personalized storybook because their imagination isn’t tainted by adult experience. The bliss of escaping through a personalized story is grasped better by a child’s eager mind because they want to find out where the journey will end and what they will learn.

Think about the thought that goes into picking a baby name: naming them after a beloved family member, inspired by other-worldly names from TV shows (Game of Thrones) and books (there are endless choices). Every parent has a unique story to tell about how they came to name their child. When the child comes of age and begins to recognize their name, they start to shape their identity. Help them shape this with a totally unique customized book.

Why Some Recent Customers Love Personalization

“Great book, lovely touch to have a picture put in & having your name in the story is fabulous.”


“Bought 3 of these personalised story books for my 3 grandsons christening with my own message, picture and name reference throughout I just know they are going to love them ♥️”


“Love this! The kids love seeing their names and all the illustrations in their personalized book. Got as a b-day and holiday gift for kids, both were a success! Def. recommend :)”

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