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A Guide to the Board Book

At In The Book, we’ve created a wide range of personalized board books, made especially for little ones.

If you’re hoping to find out what a board book is and whether it’s the right book to buy for your child, we’ve got all the info right here.

What is a Board Book?

A board book is a book made from durable board, rather than paper pages. They are made with thick, solid covers and thick pages, and are smaller in size than ordinary story books. Since toddlers tend to bite, chew and grab everything in sight, board books are designed to withstand little hands that are perhaps not so gentle! 

Most of our board books measure 5.5 x 7.9 ins, making them easy for young children to hold and turn the pages. Our board books also have bright colors and easy-to-read, large text, which aims to help children follow along and keep engaged in their story. Our board books aim to keep children stimulated, helping them to recognize colors, shapes and words on every page. 

Board books make ideal gifts for toddlers and are perfect for young children who are just starting out on their reading journey. 

Some board books, such as our Old MacDonald board book, even come with sound. As well as the pages being visually stimulating for children, the sound playing rhymes helps children learn to sing along and get familiar with words and sounds as they hear them. 

personalized board book

Standard Board Book Sizes 

If you’re wondering what is board book format, board books are smaller in size than usual storybooks, since they are aimed at younger children. The sizes of our board books are designed so toddlers can easily hold them and turn the pages themselves without difficulty, and it also helps them to focus on the large text and colors on the page.

Measuring 5.5 x 7.9 ins, the books are rectangular in shape and the pages are big enough so that large text and patterns can fit easily. 

What Age are They Suitable For? 

The suitable age for board books is babies and toddlers aged one and up, making them perfect gifts for a first birthday or to help a toddler get familiar with words, numbers, shapes and colors. You can also introduce your little one to the world of Disney with one of our personalized Disney board books.

The books are designed to appeal to young eyes, with stimulating patterns and large text that helps toddlers easily learn simple words. 

Why People Love Our Board Books 


The durability of our board books is a huge reason why people love them so much. The books are made from quality board, which is very sturdy and is made to last. The books can withstand bites, chews and throws by not-so-gentle hands, and are easy to wipe clean if there are any nearby spills. 

We know babies and toddlers can go through clothes and toys like there is no tomorrow, but our board books are thick and sturdy enough to last! 

They Help Babies to Learn 

Our board books are designed to help children learn basic skills as they start to grow. The bright illustrations and the large text make it easy for children to start getting familiar with colors, numbers, letters and shapes! This means that from a young age, children will already start to recognize them and will get a head start when they start kindergarten or elementary school. 

Since our board books feature your little one’s name on the cover and throughout the book, they will also become more familiar with their own name and be able to see it spelt out as they turn the pages. 

They Make Wonderful First Gifts

All our board books can be personalized for the little one, featuring their name on the cover and a special message on the opening page. This makes our board books fantastic first gifts for children, since they are made especially for them and can be treasured as they get older. 

The personalization makes our board books stand out from the rest and lets you give a gift that is especially made for the child.

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