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Our New Photo Upload Feature

As the virtual gift market becomes more personalized, we wondered, how can we make our books more novel for our readers? Well, we toyed with the idea of adding photos to our books. Not just any average photos, ones that capture moments where the person/s staring back at us are living their fullest life.

At first, we trialled multiple collages. They looked incredible, but we wondered if too many photos pulled away from the “novel” idea of the gift. Then we tried three photos – still too many. Then two photos, and finally one, standing alone, focusing on that one moment in the reader’s life.

Needless to say, this feature took everyone by storm. It turned out that we could create truly special gifts beyond writing the reader into the story. We could take the reader’s personalized journey one step further and freeze a moment in print that they never want to forget.



How Do I Use the Photo Upload Feature?

It’s a simple process. You’ll automatically be given the choice to add a photo to the book when you begin to personalize your order. We advise that you always opt for a high-resolution image too, so that you get the best results for your gift. How do I know if my picture is a high-resolution image?

An easy way to be sure your image is saved in high resolution is to check its size. Anything MB is a good place to start. This way, you’ll have a clear portrait of the photo you choose. It will almost look like the picture has been uploaded in 4K.

Drag and Drop or Facebook Upload

Once you have your desired photo, simply drag the image into the appropriate box or upload a photo from Facebook. Picking a photo from Facebook is a popular option because you know exactly what photo you’re looking for if you don’t necessarily have it saved on your phone.

Depending on the book you choose, the photo will appear at the front or back of the book depending on the design. It a novel, charming idea to finish off your gift.

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