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How to Create a Personalized Children’s Book

At In The Book, we’re experts at personalizing books! Our website makes it super easy for you to personalize your books exactly how you’d like them, with just a few straightforward steps to create the perfect gift! Take a look at the steps below to find out how to make a personalized book.

1 – Choose a Book

The first step is choosing which book you’d like to personalize! We have a wide range of personalized children’s books for every interest and occasion, including our own books and our Disney books featuring much-loved characters! Take a look at our books and then click the one you’d like to personalize. 

how to create a personalized book

2 – Choose Your Avatar 

Some of our books let you create your own Avatars to appear throughout the story! With our pet book, you can create any animal to look like your pet at home, as well as an avatar to look like your child. Simply click through the avatar stages to select your choices for your pet and human, which include eye color, hair color, hair style, breed, outfit, gender and optional glasses!

how to create a personalized book

3 – Add Their Name

The second step is to add the Name you’d like to appear in the book! To enter your chosen name, simply click into the ‘Name to Appear’ box and begin typing. The name will appear on the cover of the book, on the title page, and in most of our books, throughout the story! If you are choosing a book with avatars like our Pet Book, then you can also add the name of your pet in the next step.

how to create a personalized children's book

You’ll get to see your child’s eyes light up as they’re given their brand new book and immediately spot their own name on the front cover! Ivy and Aria were excited to see their names in their exciting new storybooks:


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As well as your little one’s name being written into their story and being featured on the front cover, they might also spot their name within the bright, hand-drawn illustrations on each page! Take a look at the photo below as an example:

how to make a personalized children's book

4 – Add a Special Message

Next, you can really put your own special touch on your book by adding a special Message, which will appear on the opening page! Click into the ‘Add a personal message’ box and begin typing. If you’re struggling to think of what to write, you can click our ‘Get message ideas’ button for some inspiration! 

how to make a personalized book

5 – Upload Their Photo

After adding your personal message, you have the option to upload a Photo of your little one, which will appear on the back page of the book! To add a photo, all you need to do is click either the ‘Upload image’ or ‘Upload from Facebook’ buttons, letting you browse your phone or laptop, or select a photo from your Facebook account.

how to create a personalized book

You’ll be able to see a preview of your photo before you continue, so you can check the photo will appear exactly how you’d like it. Then, press crop to add your image! 

how to create a personalized book

6 – Enjoy your book together!

All that’s left is to wait for your book to arrive, so you can sit down, read with your little one and enjoy your book for years to come!

Now you know exactly how to make a personalized children’s book! We hope you enjoy making your book for your loved one!

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