In The Book Buyer's Guide

How Our Books Are Made

Personalized books is big business, and In The Book are one of the biggest story-weavers in the industry.

We take creating bespoke books very seriously, and our personalized children’s books are lovingly made for every order.

We have a very well-trained group of people who are in charge of book manufacturing, with many years of experience between them. As well as this group, we’ve invested in a Canon i300, a state-of-the-art high-speed production press, which can print up to 750 books per hour. The i300 is great as it has specific functions that make it really easy to deal with large volumes of different data, which is useful as we offer personalizations on most of our books!


When an order is placed, it is received by the production team on an automated system, which created a PDF file of the chosen book. The PDF has added the personalization options, from the name in text and images, to the name on the front page with a special message.

Due to the i300, the PDF file is ready to be printed in a matter of minutes, which is then printed along with the other 750 books per hour.

The freshly printed pages are then taken to a binder machine. This process ensures that all the pages are glued together, which is the first step in the process where all the pages start to look like a book!

The next step is to add the cover. With paperback books, the cover is added during the binding process, and hardcover are glued to the pages using the casing machine, and then added to the press to ensure the cover has been stuck down firmly. There are two different types of hardcover: cloth and print over board (POB). Both of these are stored in the case making machine, with covers being fed in the machine where hardcover materials are automatically glued on. If necessary, the covers are then sent to be embossed by an embossing wheel, which is a machine that emboss the cover in a colored foil with the requested name.

how our books are made


Now all the hardcovers are ready, the bound pages are able to be placed inside. Again, this is done inside the casing machine to ensure the pages and cover have been firmly stuck together. 

All the books are now sent to the quality control phase, where all books are checked to make sure that they are perfect. Quality control checks for any marks, blemishes or errors made during the production process. If a book is not perfect, then it is sent to be either fixed or to be completely remade. This is one of the most important steps of the book making process, as it ensures the high quality product we promise to our customers.

After the books have passed the quality check stage, they are packaged and added to the pile of books waiting to be dispatched.

The whole process takes up to two days from when the production crew receive the order to being dispatched.



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