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Children’s Book Cover Options

Our personalized storybooks for children range from well-known classics to fairy tales. They’re filled with enthralling narratives that will captivate any child’s imagination, from our L.I.F.E (Life is Fun and Educational) range to books that feature the most memorable characters, like Disney icons, Thomas the Tank Engine and more!

Selecting a Children’s Book Cover

At first glance, our book covers look simple. But when you’re personalizing the book, the most important part to consider is who am I creating this gift for? The cover you select adds more thought to the making of your book than you think…


Paperbacks are the standard model for our personalized books, with one-off square editions for some titles. Our paperbacks are printed on high-quality paper and are bound in quality soft covers and measure 11 x 8″. This brings the easy to read text and illustrations alive on the quality gsm paper. Along with a message on the title page, each book is personalized on the cover with a name, and the name is included throughout the text and/or illustrations, depending on the title. The pages of the book vary on the chosen title too. A paperback can contain anywhere between 24 to 32 pages for a child to enjoy, now with photo-upload.


Hardcovers are incredibly popular due to their sturdy board covers and lasting finish. The book includes a name on the cover and intertwined throughout the text and/or illustrations, depending on the title. The pages of our hardcovers range anywhere from 24 to 32 pages, printed on quality gsm paper. Our hardcovers are desired for their durability, the long-lasting value and their charm that does not tarnish easily over time, now with photo-upload.

Classic Hardcover

A classic hardcover has two main defining features: the premium cover and the luxury foil embossing. The finish can be themed around the book too, depending on the chosen title, for example, our Traditional Nursery Rhymes Book or our Personalized Alphabet Learning Book. Not only is the recipient’s name emphasised by the luxury, foil embossing on the cover, the premium bound hardcovers instantly transform a hardcover into a collectable classic, now with photo-upload.

Personalized Ladybird Timeless Book

Timeless Classics

A timeless classic is designed to be aesthetically pleasing. Their appealing 7.8 x 7.8” square size is chosen to fit comfortably inside their FREE accompanying gift box. Depending on the book you select, the timeless classic will be presented inside a unique gift box ‘themed’ around the book. Take a look at the range to see the classics and their paired gift boxes.  These books do not have the photo-upload feature.

Like the classic hardcovers, our timeless range features premium bound covers and quality gsm paper. The individual’s name will appear along the top of every other page and the name will either be embossed on the cover in luxury foil embossing or printed, depending on the chosen title. Finally, a special message can be added to the title page, bringing together the book’s charming, collectable feel.

Personalized Disney Premium Book


Premium books are specially-made collectables every child wants. The size alone is utterly breathtaking, and these books are designed to stand out from the crowd. Our deluxe books measure 11.69 x 16.53” (that’s the size of a mini coffee table to add perspective!) Boasting the same features as the timeless classics, premium books feature collections stories bound together in one-of-a-kind editions. 

The FREE gift box will depend on the book you select, ‘themed’ around the book itself. The size and quantity of the books (over 100 pages) require reinforced premium board covers. They are incredibly durable and are designed to last excessive reading. The level of detail embossed on the cover of the books is sublime as there’s more space to work with. The individual’s name will appear along the top of every other page and the name will also be embossed on the cover. Finally, the opening title page is finished off with a special message, sealing the value and allure of such a unique, personalized gift, now with photo-upload.

Personalized Disney Little Favourites

“Little Favorites”

The “Little Favorites” are a collection of A5 edition books, available as smaller counterparts to our A4 paperback range. The books are designed especially for reading, with paperback covers that children can read snuggled up in bed, without the burden of a hardcover. The design is unique also, with a special border surrounding the cover of the book. The child’s name appears in the book, as well as a special message.

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