In The Book are passionate about spreading the joys of reading to children far and wide, and especially to those children who need it the most. 

This World Book Day, we wanted to give something back to charities who support children in hospital and put smiles on the faces of the little ones they look after. We donated over 75 personalized books to three different charities in the UK, after being so impressed by their work with young children!

Reading provides endless benefits to young children, helping them improve a variety of development skills that are crucial for success in school and later life. We wanted to ensure that children being cared for by hospitals charities are still able to access these benefits and experience the magical enjoyment of reading. Even if the children in the hospital are too young to read independently, hearing their parents read aloud to them also has many advantages for their development! 

Grand Appeal, Bristol Children’s Hospital Charity 

Grand Appeal is a UK charity based in Bristol which supports children at the Bristol Children’s Hospital. The books we donated were personalized for the children being cared for in the NICU unit at St. Michael’s Hospital, allowing their parents to read their own special book to them. Our books gave the parents an opportunity to create a “story time” with their little one, giving them a moment of joy among the struggles of a premature birth or critical illness. 

Oxford Hospitals Charity 

We donated personalized books to the Oxford Hospitals Charity for children of a variety of ages. These books included storybooks with bright pictures for younger readers, and entertaining coloring books for slightly older children. We made sure the books we donated were suitable for each child so they could really enjoy their own personalized book!

We also donated some unpersonalized collection books to the charity, which are perfect for children to share among them and can be kept in the hospital for later patients to enjoy. 

Leeds Hospital Charity

Leeds Hospital Charity requested some unpersonalized versions of our popular collection books, choosing our Marvel Collection and Princess Collection books. The fact that these books are unpersonalized means the books could always be treasured and kept in the hospital for years to come, making sure they are enjoyed by any children who are in need of some exciting and fun reading!

It was delightful to work with these wonderful charities and give something back for World Book Day 2021. We’re hoping all the children are loving their story books and will get to treasure them for years to come!