A child’s love for Disney princesses is something that will never grow old. The first Disney princess film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, was released in 1937 meaning princesses have been popular for over 70 years. With new Disney princesses being introduced each year, hosting a Disney princess themed party will never be outdated!

While we’re experts on Disney princess books, we decided to source some inspiration for Disney princess party ideas and outline everything you will need to replicate them for your own celebration. We will also talk about our favorite Disney princess cakes for inspiration. If your little one is obsessed with all things Disney, let them be a princess for a day with one of these Disney princess themed birthday party ideas.

Best Examples of Perfect Disney Princess Parties

Frozen Themed Party

frozen princess party

Credit: @epiceventsmiami

Why we love this:

We love the idea of a Frozen themed party because at In The Book, we are mad about Frozen! One of the most famous and well-received Disney Princess movies, Frozen is snow much fun. It is adored by everyone that has watched it and has some of the most lovable characters.

What you need to replicate this:

  • Make sure you stick to the white and blue color scheme – an easy one because you can use regular white printing paper to make lots of the decorations
  • Use blue and white paper to make ‘snowflakes’ by folding the paper up and cutting out pretty and unique patterns. You can also use the paper to make long paper chains by cutting strips and folding each into circles – intertwining them to form a decoration you can drape all over the room
  • Use blue and white tinsel to decorate any room, giving the feeling of being in a winter wonderland at any time of year!
  • Dress up in blue and white or buy a fancy dress costume online
  • For a party game, why not try musical statues? Dancing to the music from Frozen until someone aptly shouts ‘Freeze!!’
  • Food and drink: Luckily, Olaf is very easy to recreate! Use marshmallows or fondant to make your very own snowman – we love the idea of Olaf relaxing in a pool of blue jelly! Serving milk or milkshakes and describing them as ‘melted snow’ is also a fun idea

Little Mermaid Party

Why we love this:

We love Little Mermaid Disney princess parties because they are so easy to replicate. By simply decorating any room in blues, greens and purples you already have the feeling of being ‘Under the Sea’. Add a touch of glitter and a few hand-made sea creatures and there you have it! Any room transformed into an underwater palace.

What you need to replicate this:

  • Make sure everything is inside the blue, green and purple color scheme! Go wild with face paint, ribbons, table covers, paper plates and bowls etc…
  • Talking of facepaint, you can get a unique look by applying the paint on top of tights so it gets applied to the skin with an interesting pattern
  • Jellyfish: Make your own by using a paper bowl, turning it upside down and hanging ribbons and paper from inside – voila!
  • Starfish: Make edible starfish by simply using a star cutter on biscuits or gingerbread! Cover in glitter and decorate with edible silver balls
  • Fancy dress costumes: Your little one will of course take the starring role as the Little Mermaid. Fancy dress costumes are super easy to find online
  • If you’re feeling confident, why not try and make Sebastian or Flounder out of icing to top a fantastic birthday cake? See video on Flounder below:

Your Favorite Princesses Party

Why we love this:

With this idea you don’t have to choose between your child’s favorite Disney characters! Incorporate all of the most loved Disney characters and go wild with the decorations and games this Disney princess themed party. From Cinderella to Tangled and Rapunzel to Mulan and Tiana there are so many princesses to choose from.

What you need to replicate this:

  • We would recommend a pink, silver and gold color scheme for this party because it adds a regal touch
  • Glitter, sparkle, silver and gold shiny materials – go all out and make this a glamorous affair
  • Paper plates, bowls and balloons featuring faces of your favorite Disney princesses are widely available for you to buy for the party
  • We invision pink tablecloths and napkins being used to add some girly flair – or use your child’s favorite color
  • Why not make your own ‘Pin the Tail’ game and pin the shoe on Cinderella or the plait on Rapunzel?
  • Make or buy some fun and interesting props – for example crowns, tiaras, wigs, ‘glass’ slippers for the children to wear or play with
  • Food and drink: You could introduce some fruit into a kids party for the first time in history with Snow White’s ‘poison apples’ or make Rapunzel’s hair with twisted yellow fondant

Disney Princess Cake Ideas

Easy Castle Cake

Simple yet effective. A cake made in the shape of a castle is absolutely stunning and is certain to make the recipient feel like a princess. Perfect for any Disney princess this cake can be made with your child’s favorite colors and can be added to with any additional fondant characters. With multiple tiers, this cake will feed everyone at the party will some leftover for the party bags! A charming Disney princess cake idea. You can find a recipe on BBC Good Food.

Frosting Covered Cake

frosting cake

Credit: @sucelysweetbites

This frosting covered cake may look intimidating, but just the flower/rose swirls that cover the whole cake can be easily replicated. Depending on your princess of choice, choose colors for the swirls and if you’re feeling really bold try and make some fondant characters like this one! This is definitely one of our favorite Disney princess birthday cake ideas.

Princess Cupcakes

princess cupcakes

Credit: @maria_tamburrano

If you’re not a natural born baker, these cupcakes are super easy but still amazingly effective and clearly celebrate a host of wonderful Disney princesses! The icing swirls act as the princess’ flowing and colorful dresses and look absolutely fantastic.