If your little one is after a “The Little Mermaid” themed birthday party, then look no further. From party game ideas, invitations and decor inspiration, you’ll be throwing the best party in no time! 

“The Little Mermaid” stars in our incredible collection of Disney Princess books so we thought we’d put together some Little Mermaid party ideas for you to check out. We know that planning a party can be stressful enough, so this guide can inspire you with ideas to replicate for your little one. 

The Little Mermaid Party Invitations

The party invitation is the first step to establishing a theme for a party, so they need to be practical and fun at the same time.

Our first party invitation idea is one for the creative parents out there – a mermaid tail shaped invitation!

This invitation straight away lets the theme be known to your little one’s friends and their parents: who can mistake a mermaid tail? What we love about this invitation option is that you can make it as complex as you wish. Simply get a cut-out of a mermaid tail shape, use purple or blue paper and that’s the main part of the invite done! You can go all out and decorate one side with scales, or you could keep it simple with just the important information shown Either way, it’s a great first step for an a-mer-zing party!


Our next Little Mermaid party invitation is another DIY for the parents, but also one that your little one can help out with too!

A shell shaped invitation is another great way to highlight the theme of your little mermaid or merman’s party, and perhaps an easier shape to create! You could either make one shell with all the information on, or two and create an invitation with information hidden until you spin the shell. Again, with this one you can make it as elaborate as you wish.

The Best Little Mermaid Party Ideas

Image by BeforeTheCake

If DIY isn’t your forte, then a simple way to show off the theme of the party is with easy print-out invites. These invites are also a great option if you’re looking to keep the party costs down, as these can be simply created online and printed off. Just keep where the name of the invitee goes free, fill out all of the important information, and you’re good to go!

Ariel Birthday Party Decorations

For Little Mermaid party decoration ideas, we suggest keeping to a green, purple and blue theme to really make it feel like an Ariel themed birthday party.

A great idea for party decorations that can also double up as party bags, these bags of jelly beans and goldfish can suit any budget. Fill a bag with blue, white and green jelly beans to create the ‘sea’ and add goldfish snacks to be the fish. This idea is also a subtle way of adding decor to your party without having to keep it at the end, result!

Another mermaid-tastic way to decorate your venue in a mermaid theme is to create a photo wall or prop area. There are many ways to do this, from simply hanging tissue paper strips from the ceiling in blue, purple and green colours, to creating a photo opportunity with seashell and fish props to hold up. Our favourite though, is to create an under the sea scene, using green tissue paper and fish cut outs – all the little mermaids and mermen will be queuing up to get a picture in front of this! 

The Best Little Mermaid Party Ideas

Image by For The Love of Character

Ariel Party Games

Party games can make or break a party, so these ideas will definitely keep your little ones occupied with something they haven’t done before!

A mermaid treasure hunt is an easy to create, simple game that can get everyone involved.

Simply decide on what mermaid themed items you’ll hide, and create a sheet with images of them on for the children to tick off. All you need to provide is a pencil for them, and a space large enough that the little ones can run about trying to find all of the treasure. The winner could get a mermaid themed prize, to keep the party theme alive.

If the party goers are getting a little too excited, you could perhaps encourage them to take part in Mermaid Yoga. This is always a good idea, as it will relax the little mermaids before their parents pick them up, which we’re sure they’ll thank you for! You could even make a competition to see what child can hold the pose for the longest.