Are you tidying your homes and found loads of books that you don’t need or read anymore? If you’re looking to donate books in Los Angeles? Look no further! This comprehensive list details the best places to donate books in Los Angeles with the location, if they have a donation receipt and what the organizations do and don’t accept.

If you’re not based in Los Angeles, take a look at where to donate old books nationwide.

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Re-Book It

Location: Free book pickup in LA county

Hours: Unknown

Donation Receipt: Yes, upon request


How to Donate: Book donations can be arranged to be picked up by Re-Book It via emailing them.

Re-Book It will consider picking up donations in the following counties, if the donation is at least 40 boxes and no more than 2 hours from LA:

  • Orange
  • San Bernardino
  • Ventura
  • Riverside

They do not accept:

  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Law libraries
  • VHS tapes
  • Old library books

Please note, that a few of these items mixed into a large donation is okay, but no more than one box. Books with highlighting and underlining are fine, but no moldy books, or books with missing pages.

The donations benefits libraries, schools, hospitals, at-risk children and the Last Bookstore.

Access Books


West Los Angeles

01325 Orton Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90064

Orton is found east of Beverly Gren between Olympic and Pico.


3727 Malibu Country Drive

Malibu, Ca 98265

This can be found one block north of Malibu Canyon near the Pepperdine University.

South Bay

651 Ave B

Redondo Beach, CA 90277

Los Angeles North Side (Pasadena, Glendale, La Canada etc)

419 Starlight Crest Drive

La Canada, 91011

Hours: Unknown

Donation Receipt: No


How to Donate: Drop off your books at the sites above. Please note, most sites are residential and therefore don’t have opening hours. Access Books asks that the boxes are labeled, sealed in stackable boxes rather than overflowing bags.

Follow the link to find their Amazon wish list, if you are keen to purchase books for Access Books, rather than donating.

They do not accept adult books or books older than 5 years old.

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Discover Books

Location: Use their drop off locator to find your local bin

Hours: N/A

Donation Receipt: No


How to Donate: 

Use the drop off locator to find your local bin to donate book. 

Discover Books has recycled over 500 million pounds of paper, saving thousands of books from landfill demise. 

Library Foundation of Los Angeles


630 West 5th Street

Los Angeles, CA 90071


Monday – Thursday: 10am-7pm

Friday and Saturday: 9:30am-5:30pm

Sunday: 1pm-5pm

Donation Receipt:


How to Donate: If you have a donation of four boxes or more, please call 213.292.6264 to arrange delivery. Smaller donations can be made through business hours.

The Library accepts donations of books, DVDs, CDs, cassette tapes and audio books.

All proceeds from consequent sales go to the Los Angeles Public Library.

Children’s Book World

Location: 10580 ½ West Pico Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA 90064

Hours: Unknown

Donation Receipt: No


How to Donate: Children’s Book World advise to bring your gently used books to the address above.

Children’s Book World is not able to accept the following:

  • Text books
  • Old library books
  • Adult books
  • Videos or games

If you have any questions, contact them here.

Children’s Books World appreciates your donations, as it aids the children and recipients in learning the value and rewards of sharing with others.

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Children’s Hospital Los Angeles


Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

4650 Sunset Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA 90027


Monday to Friday: 8:30am-7:30pm

Saturday: 10am-6:30pm

Donation Receipt: Yes


How to Donate: Drop off or send book donations to the address above.

Ideally, the books will be brand new due to infection control policies that are in place at the hospital.

If you don’t have any books to donate, but still want to donate something, magazine subscriptions are welcome. Please send them to the above address, adding Literally Healing Program. Take a look at their website for a list of desired magazine subscriptions, for both patients and parents. The Amazon magazine wish list can be found here.

Every day that a patient is at the hospital, they receive a minimum of one free brand new book to read and take home with them. This is a great way to provide a distraction from the possible scary hospital environment by engaging their imaginations through literature.

The Hospital’s Amazon book wish list can be found here – this link enables the books to be delivered straight to the hospital, so it takes one less job to donate!

Where To Donate Books in Los Angeles: The Spark Notes: 

  • Re-Book It
  • Access Books
  • Discover Books
  • Library Foundation of Los Angeles
  • Children’s Book World
  • Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Et voila! Those are the best places to donate books in Los Angeles, including multiple book donation drop off locations in Los Angeles. We hope that this has inspired, or motivated you to donate those books gathering dust on your shelf. Think of all the recipients loving the books that you have donated – if that doesn’t put a smile on your face, we don’t know what will.