We’re constantly being told to try and be more active, and the best way to do this moving forwards (if you’ll pardon the pun) is to instil this in our children from a young age. One of the best ways to get kids moving is through dance – it’s so fun, they don’t even realize they’re doing exercise!

Of course it’s a great way to improve their physical fitness, but why is dancing good for children and what are the benefits of dancing for toddlers? Find out below.

girls dancing

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Health Benefits of Dance for Kids

Physical Fitness

Dance in any form will benefit your toddler or child, simply by raising their heart beat! Depending on the form of dance you and your little one choose to pursue, it could improve their stamina and strengthen their muscles.

Mental Wellbeing

The mental wellbeing of children is now being recognized as equally important as their physical health and academic level. Particularly after recent events, it is essential that children find ways to cope with their anxieties from a young age. One of the best ways to deal with anxiety is through physical activity, which releases endorphins. Learning this in such an early stage of life will be truly beneficial for them – they are creating healthy habits that will serve them well for the rest of their lives!

Social Benefits of Dance for Kids

Forming Friendships

Dance classes are a great way for children to develop their social skills. They present the perfect opportunity for children to build friendships with others their age, when they might be struggling to find things in common with their peers at kindergarten or school. Once they’ve found some firm friends, this will help build their confidence and it will definitely have a positive impact on their relationships at school.

Dance Friends

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Another reason why dancing is good for children is that classes are a great way for kids to develop their teamwork skills. They have to watch and work with the rest of the children in the class to synchronize their movements. Not only this, but certain types of dance require kids to work together to complete dance moves as a pair. So much of their time in school is devoted to learning how to solve problems, so styles of dance that require kids to work in pairs presents a great opportunity for them to try this with someone else for a change.

Types of Dance Classes for Kids

Creative Movement

This is the type of dance class that is ideal for toddlers between the ages of 1 and 2, who are starting to experiment with movement. It will set them on the path to more advanced dance classes.


So many children grow up wanting to be ballerinas, and it’s probably the type of dance class for kids that people first think of. It’s a great way to prevent any balance and posture problems becoming more serious as they grow older. While it is possible to pursue ballet as a serious hobby for a number of years, there is also the opportunity nowadays to transition to barre fitness.

Children Doing Ballet

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One of the most popular types of dance classes for kids is tap dancing. Tap is an excellent outlet for the kids to make some noise while they’re not at home! One of the most important aspects of tap is rhythm, so they are developing skills that will be useful in general life as well.


The main benefit of modern dance for children, sometimes referred to as contemporary dance, is the opportunity it offers for the kids to use their imagination and develop their creativity. The great thing about modern dance is that it is suitable for all ages – it’s for everyone from toddlers to teenagers.

Break Dance

If your little one is actually one big bundle of energy, break dancing is the type of dance for them. They can burn off some of that excess energy, and learn some crazy tricks in a safe environment at the same time.


Ballroom is traditionally a disciplined dance form, but there are so many classes nowadays that are making it more fun and engaging for children. Ballroom dance classes also combine a variety of different dance styles – there will be at least one that will capture their attention!

Gift Ideas for a Dance Recital

Maybe it’s a casual affair when the parents are invited to watch the class, or it’s a recital on a stage in your local theater. Either way, this moment should be celebrated and recognized with something special. Here are some ideas:

  • Personalized story books – you can add a photo of them ready to go in their outfit, and it would be a great gift to commemorate their special day
  • Dance shoes – they will probably need some new ones by this point
  • Backpack – a small backpack would be great for them to carry their new shoes to class
  • Water bottle – they could not miss a personalized water bottle among their classmates’
  • Scrapbook – document each and every moment from their dance journey

It’s obvious that there are so many benefits of dance for toddlers and children, including for both the body and the brain! The important thing to remember is that dance is all about having fun! It will be such an amazing moment for both you and your child when they discover the type of dance that they really enjoy. Now stop reading and start them dancing!