Here at In The Book, we consider ourselves book specialists. You won’t find rare editions of Shakespeare anywhere here. We’re experts of a different kind. We know one story is enough to transform an individual’s outlook on the world. All it takes it the right book and a personalized touch.

Fiction or non-fiction, the reader knows when they’ve found a story that resonates long after they’ve closed the book. But, we put the magic in the book by writing the reader into the adventure as it unfolds. With a growing collection of over 400 books and multiple ways to personalize, we’ve created a simple guide to how our books are made, each one created especially for the reader.

All of our fiction books feature hand-drawn illustrations or illustrations composed by hand on interactive easels. All books are printed in large, clear script, which can vary on the size of the chosen book. There are even special edition books are bound by hand such as the leatherette and leather books, adding to the immense value of the gift you’re making.

Choosing a Children’s Book

Our personalized story books for children range from well-known classics to fairy tales, filled with enthralling narratives that will captivate any child’s imagination.

L.I.F.E Books

The L.I.F.E (Life is Fun and Educational) range teaches children their basic foundation skills for learning. Educational books for toddlers are designed to give children an interactive reading experience.


The most memorable characters are those who make an impression on the reader during childhood. Children’s character books let children star alongside their favorite characters like Disney icons, Thomas the Tank, Peter Rabbit and more!

Choosing a Book for Grown-Ups

We use the term ‘grown-up’ loosely. From ‘how-to’ guides to newspaper books and nostalgic treasures from childhood, there’s something for the kid in all of us with our personalized books for adults.

Personalized Newspaper Books

Newspaper Books

Take a step back in time and discover history as you’ve never seen it before with newspaper memorabilia, featuring coverage on the most important events and greatest icons of the 20th century and present.

Including WWI and WWII, Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Diana, Muhammad Ali and David Bowie, we create all special edition books using newspaper coverage about major events and persons. There are even recipe books to tantalize someone’s taste buds and decade history books for anyone with a keen sense of history.

Sports Books

Reminisce the greatest sports moments through newspaper headlines, stunning pictorials, interviews, adverts and historical facts and figures, all with our sports history books.

Occasion Books

The most special keepsakes are the ones we fill with our own memories. Our special occasion books are more than just personalized, they commemorate the moment.

Choosing the Right Book Cover

At first glance, our book covers look simple. When you’re personalizing the book and selecting either softback or hardback, the most important part to consider is who am I creating this gift for? The cover you select adds more thought to the making of your book than you think.

Softback and Hardback

All our books are available in softback and hardback and measure 13.9 x 9.8”. Softbacks are the standard model for our personalized books, printed on high-quality paper and bound in quality card covers. Hardbacks, however, are more popular due to their lasting board covers and premium quality paper.

Once you’ve chosen your cover, the book can be personalized with the individual’s name, featured on the cover along with a special message on the inside page.

Photo Upload

Some softback and hardback books also offer the option to upload a photo of the individual which will appear at the back of the book. You can choose any special moment in time and immortalize it for years to come with our photo upload books. Adding novelty to the gift, the book is more personal, especially if you’re buying for kids – their faces light up when they discover special details about themselves like this.

Timeless Classics

Our timeless editions are designed to be aesthetically pleasing from the offset. Their appealing 20 x 20cm square size is chosen to fit comfortably inside the FREE accompanying gift box. Depending on the book you select, the timeless classic will be presented inside a unique gift box ‘themed’ around the book. Take a look at the range to see the classics and their paired gift boxes.

Like the hardbacks, classics feature lasting board covers, premium quality paper and foil embossing. The individual’s name will appear along the top of every other page and the name will be embossed on the cover. Finally, a special message can be added to the title page, adding to the book’s charming, collectable feel.

Premium Hardbacks

Premium books are collectable, generously-sized (11.69 x 16.53”) and are built to last from generation to generation. Premium hardbacks possess the same features as the timeless classics, but with mass collections of stories bound together in one-of-a-kind editions. Once again, the gift box will depend on the book you select, ‘themed’ around the book itself.

The books are bound with re-enforced premium board covers, are incredibly durable and are designed to last excessive reading. The level of detail embossed on the cover of the books is sublime, with premium-quality gsm paper inside the book itself. The individual’s name will appear along the top of every other page and the name will also be embossed on the cover. The opening title page is finished off with a special message, sealing the value and novelty of the personalized gift.

Leatherette and Leather Books

Mirroring the premium hardbacks, our leatherette and leather edition books measure 11.69 x 16.53” and designed to last. Available in two designs, imitation leatherette and real leather, the books are embossed in foil and are bound entirely by hand due to the fragile nature of the leather and leatherette covers.

Mirroring the premium hardbacks, the books feature the individual’s name embossed on the cover, including a message on the title page, all printed on premium-quality gsm paper. The books themselves are entirely non-fiction, composed of 20th-century newspaper articles printed at the time, with some coverage stretching back over a hundred years. They are memorabilia of years gone by and make incomparable keepsakes of history.

Gift Box

Gift Boxes

Unless stated, some of our books are available to purchase without gift boxes. The gift box option can be added during your purchase for just $5, giving the gift that perfect finishing touch. As our timeless classics and premium editions include FREE unique gift boxes, the addition of a gift box transforms an ordinary gift into a treasured keepsake and saves on the extra wrapping.

How the Person Stars In The Book

All of our books can be personalized with any name and a message on the opening page to transform an ordinary gift into a treasured keepsake. But, the possibilities of personalization for our books is almost limitless. We can’t write novels about your life. Instead, we can give you the means to create your own stories and gift them to someone special.

We’ve created special edition books designed around an individual’s life. Our newspaper books transport the individual back to the past. We do this by creating unique books like the Birthday Book, the Anniversary Book, Your Life in Pictures or the This is Your Life Book. Each edition is specifically created around a key date in the individual’s life to give them a resonating sense of nostalgia, and nostalgia is a gift quite like no other.  

The real stars here at In The Book are the personalized children’s books. Not only is the book written especially for the child, featuring their name on the cover and throughout the book, but the reader also gets to star alongside the characters in the story in an inspiring way… it begins as a dream!

Why a dream you ask? Is there anything more exhilarating than the dreams of a child? What if they dream of becoming an astronaut, a doctor or a veterinarian? These are the moments that matter the most for kids, that’s why our books begin as dreams.

In our stories, children can become whoever they want to be, starring alongside heroes and heroines, their favorite TV or film characters. Our books become experiences that captivate their imagination and instil a love of reading they’ll carry into adulthood. That’s what we mean when we say ‘your child is featured in the story’ or their name is ‘embedded into the illustrations’ – they’re the stars in the book and the book itself is the stage!

So, now that you know the ins and outs of how our books work, get personalizing. Be sure to check out the blog for the latest updates, impressive stats about the benefits of reading to children and the latest offers here at In The Book.