Valentine’s day may normally evoke images of red roses, love hearts and romance. However, Valentine’s day can be the perfect opportunity to bond with your child – to teach them the importance of love, sharing and being kind to one another. It is important that children learn about different kinds of love in order to respect and treasure different relationships. For example, love between a child and their parents or siblings, as well as the love between a child and their friends.

We believe the right book can really help children understand the meaning behind this special day, which is why we have created a list of the best children’s Valentine’s day books as a guide. We think that there is no better way to bond with your child than to read a book together at bedtime when you have their full attention (or most of it!). Valentine’s day children’s books can also be a wonderful way to spread love; a thoughtful and fun gift for your child to give to someone special.

Big Brothers are Great
Books About Loving Your Siblings

Brothers and sisters can be the greatest allies and the closest friends – although it may not always seem like it! Reading and sharing one of our children’s books for Valentine’s day will encourage your kids to build relationships with each other and celebrate the love that exists within a family. Our personalized big brother book is the perfect gift to show your child loves their older sibling, while making a big brother feel important and respected. The big sisters book will strengthen any bond between siblings; letting an older sister feel cared for and treasured. Above anything else, a Valentine’s day book is a great way of demonstrating love.

Books About Loving Your Parents

If you are a mum or dad, you will know that being a parent is hard work. On Valentine’s day why not show a mum or dad that they are appreciated? Our Valentine’s books for parents are a great gift for your child to give, and a wonderful gift to receive! One of our favourite books is the ‘I’d Do Anything for You Mum’. Not only will this present show a loving and caring relationship between mother and child, but it will encourage your child to read aloud to you because it is written from their perspective.  

Books About Different Cultures

Multicultural Children’s book day on the 26th January made us think about the importance of the Children’s books that teach kids about celebrating different cultures. We think it is vital for children to be aware of similarities and differences between cultures across the world, and to embrace and appreciate diversity. Our Around the World story book is a fantastic gift for a child who is looking to learn about the world and wants to show love for everyone this Valentine’s day. Given or received as a gift, these personalized books can be shared and enjoyed for a long time.