Reading bedtime stories and baby books to your child is a great routine to get into. It comes with all sorts of benefits, not least a chance to bond with your little one on a daily basis!

Bedtime stories develop your child’s creativity and imagination at the time right before your little one goes to sleep, which in turn encourages fun and inventive dreams whilst they rest. Bedtime stories also improve your child’s vocabulary and conversational skills, which is vital for when they start school and interacting with more and more people later in life.

Our range of books can be personalized to feature your child’s name throughout the book, as well as a customized message on the title page and some even have space for you to add an adorable photo!

Read on to discover eight of the best bedtime story books for toddlers from our extensive range of personalized books.

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Personalized Official Build-A-Bear® Book 

This Personalized Official Build-A-Bear® Book is one of the best books for bedtime, as your child can read about their adventures with their bear whilst cuddling it tucked up in bed! A perfect way to end the day and bond with their bear!

With your child’s and their Furry Friend’s names appearing on every page of the book, they get to go on adventures together – a toddler’s dream come true! You can add a cute photo of your little one and their bear to the back page, as well as a message to the front page of the book. Plus, the book comes with a free gift box. From $39.99.

My Book of Nursery Rhymes

The rhythm and repetition in nursery rhymes always make them great books for toddlers. This is why our personalized nursery rhymes book is such a good choice for bedtime, as the repetition within the nursery rhymes will be comforting for them to listen to and help them drift off.

This book has some truly creative illustrations alongside the classic nursery rhymes, with your child’s name interwoven in the drawings. From $29.99, this book is available in a softback, hardback or Classic Hardback design.

best bedtime story books for toddlers

Peter Rabbit’s Personalized Little Guide to Life

With adorable characters, like Jemima Puddle-duck, and stunning illustrations, this Peter Rabbit book is perfect for bedtime, as it instills life lessons alongside fun tales about the Beatrix Potter characters.

With your child’s name featuring front and centre on the cover and throughout the book, your child will cherish this timeless gift. From $39.99.

Take a look at the rest of our Peter Rabbit range for more bedtime books and gift set ideas!

Goldilocks and the Three Bears Story Book: A Personalized Fairy Tale

Nothing tops the classic fairy tales! From Cinderella and her pumpkin carriage to the Princess and the Pea, add a nice twist to the usual fairy tales with a personalized book, like our Goldilocks and the Three Bears Story Book.

Fairy tales make great bedtime stories, as the familiar story will be comforting to your child and will be a peaceful way to end their day. From $24.99, this personalized Goldilocks book even includes a brief history of the fairy tale.

You can personalize this book with your child’s name, which will feature in illustrations throughout the book, like on Daddy Bear’s BIG bowl of porridge! You can also add a message to the book and a photo of your child. Why not also check out the rest of our personalized fairy tale range to find the perfect bedtime book for your child?

best bedtime stories for toddlers

Baby’s Own Aesop’s Fables – From the Archive

Let the gentle rhythm of Aesop’s Fables lull your little one to sleep with our Baby’s Own Aesop’s Fables book. Not only are these stories riddled with deeper meanings, but the rhyme patterns are also ideal for soothing a restless toddler, making them the best bedtime stories for toddlers.

This book has gorgeous drawings featured throughout the book, with your child’s name personalized on the hardback cover. This book also comes with the opportunity to add a message to the title page and a free gift box. From $39.99.

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What Makes Me Great? Disney Board Book

Your toddler will fall asleep in no time with the help of their favorite Disney characters in our What Makes Me Great? Disney Board Book. This book teaches them important values, like determination, with fun illustrations of popular Disney characters.

Your child’s name will be featured on the cover and throughout the book on every page, as the book teaches them about what makes them great. You can also add a nice message on the title page of the book. From $34.99.

The Owl & the Pussycat Book – From the Archive

Presented in a free luxury gift box, this personalized The Owl & the Pussycat Book is a charming addition to your bedtime bookshelf. This wonderfully weird poem is written in rhyme, which is well-known to help little kids fall asleep!

With large text and original illustrations of the characters, your child will love reading this book at bedtime. You can personalize this book to include your child’s name on the cover and a message from you on the title page. From $39.99.

best bedtime stories for toddlers

Personalized Velveteen Rabbit First Edition Book

Everyone loves the Velveteen Rabbit! Think back to your own childhood with this nostalgic Velveteen Rabbit First Edition Book, which your child will love as a bedtime story.

This Velveteen Rabbit book is simply stunning, with William Nicholson’s original artwork interspersed throughout the story. The book is personalized with your child’s name on the cover and every book of the book. You can also add a custom message on the title page. As a special edition, it is presented in a free gift box to protect your memorable personalized Velveteen Rabbit book. From $49.99.

Clearly, we have a vast range of options for your bedtime books; from Peter Rabbit to Aesop’s Fables, we have the perfect book for every child! So, pick your favorite, snuggle up with your toddler and take them on a brand new adventure, where they are actually a character “in the book”!