Congratulations on your wedding anniversary! It’s the one day of the year most parents can commemorate their time spent together and look back on special memories. However, celebrating special occasions was a lot easier before kids came along, so if you’re not going to be spending your anniversary just as a couple, you’re probably wondering how you can mark your special day! 

While you may think your anniversary should be a day just for the two of you, getting the little ones involved in your celebrations can bring a different element of fun and excitement! Embracing your wedding anniversary with the kids is a great opportunity to celebrate your love as a family and spend some quality time together.

If you’re not able to spend the day without your children, or you fancy trying something different this year, here are some anniversary ideas for the whole family! These activities are ideal for parents who are making their anniversary a family celebration this year and will make special memories to look back on in years to come. 

1. An Outdoor/Indoor Picnic


A good, old-fashioned picnic always makes a wonderful family day out! You can enjoy a walk, breathe in some fresh air and play some games while you sit on your blankets. This is quite possibly one of the few activities you can do to get some time alone with your partner while the kids are away burning off some energy!

Another way to get the kids involved is by asking them to help prepare the picnic basket; grab a few sandwiches, crisps and treats from the local shop, as you don’t necessarily need to cook, and enjoy a budget-friendly, kid-friendly, al-fresco-style anniversary celebration.  Be sure to bring a football, Frisbee or badminton set to keep them entertained! Again, you’ll get the chance to snuggle up with your other half whilst they wear themselves out, so be sure to bring a blanket and sip on some good vino. 

A picnic can be enjoyed during the day or night, and your back garden works just as well too if you don’t fancy venturing too far! If it’s too chilly for that, opt for an indoor picnic; order pizza and set up camp on the lounge floor, put on a movie or play some fun board games.

2. Ideas for Anniversary Day Out

Revive that inner child and take a trip to an amusement park – the kids will love it as much as you. All of you can indulge in your favorite junk food and discover who screams the loudest on the rides. You’ll all be in hysterics as you clutch each other tightly and plunge down that first rollercoaster hill! If you’re after something slightly more sedate, then opt for a boat trip. Find out what your local city offers – what could be more romantic than sailing along a river with your partner and the little ones?

Alternatively, you could…

  • Visit a museum
  • Take a trip to the cinema
  • Head to the swimming pool
  • Go bowling
  • Wander around the zoo
  • Race each other at go-karting
  • Play crazy golf
  • Bounce around at an indoor trampoline park
  • Put on your helmets for a family bike ride

The options for a fun day out are endless!

3. Cooking with the Kids

Why not embrace your inner Gordon Ramsay/Delia Smith cooking skills and cook up some tasty treats for the whole family (with the help of the kids too!)? You could kickstart your celebrations early in the morning with a delicious breakfast!

Spending time in the kitchen with the kids is a great time to have some fun, with the added bonus of eating yummy food afterwards! This is also something you can do at any time of the day, so if you have other plans for your anniversary, you can fit cooking around them. Maybe you want to come together to create a big family dinner for the evening, such as spaghetti bolognese and garlic bread, or perhaps just bake a few sweet treats to enjoy in the afternoon!

The little ones will love being involved in the preparation too! They can help with smaller steps, such as spreading toast with their favorite topping using a dull butter knife, or gently whisking cake mixture. Make sure you’ve got one eye on the kids to avoid any accidents or spillages! 

4. Eat Out at a Family-Friendly Restaurant

Whether you were secretly hoping for a romantic, candle-lit dinner, or you’re actively wanting to try something new this year, going to a family-friendly restaurant with your little ones will still make your day a special one. This doesn’t necessarily mean a fast-food restaurant, especially since there isn’t much time to sit down, savor your food and have an enjoyable conversation with your family!

Take the time to see which restaurants near you offer a play area or activity sheet, which will be perfect for keeping the little ones entertained while you and your partner enjoy your own conversation! The kids will get to have fun and enjoy delicious food, making the experience one to remember. While the atmosphere may be rowdier than a romantic restaurant, you’ll be getting to spend some quality time as a family.

If you’re not in the mood to venture out, you could order takeout! Take a look at places that deliver near you, especially ones that offer good family food deals to save money! You could sit around the table together and maybe even play some games after you’ve finished eating. 

5. Movie Marathon to Celebrate Anniversary with Kids

After all the fun, end your wedding anniversary celebrations with a family-friendly movie marathon together. Get out the pillows and blankets, throw on your PJs, stock up on your favorite nibbles, light some candles, and get cozy for some family movies, whether you choose new releases or old-time favorites.