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Delight a friend or loved one on their birthday with this personalized birthday newspaper book.

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Find the Perfect Birthday Newspaper Book

Have you ever wondered what the headlines were on the day you were born? Do you know which famous people you share your birthday with? Simply purchase this delightful book to find out. A personalized birthday newspaper book is the perfect gift for those with a passion for history or journalism. This book provides a fascinating insight into how things were reported in the press on your chosen date.

Professionally bound in one-off leather and leatherette covers, this book features a front-page reprint from the day of the recipient’s birth and every subsequent birthday. So, if the recipient was born on 10th October 1963, this will be the first page to appear. Following that, it will be 10th October 1964, then ‘65 and onwards to the present day. The reprints themselves are printed on durable, quality paper. The recipient can even use a blank page between each reprint to collate their own memories from that year, making this a truly meaningful present.

You can choose between our Birthday Books from specific newspaper publications, or you can opt for a Decade Book that covers all the big headlines from each decade throughout history. Our Decade Books make awesome gifts for someone born during a major news event in history, like our 40s Decade Books for someone born during World War II.

Personalize our newspaper birthday books with any date and any name on the covers. Add a special presentation message in the books’ opening pages for added charm. Please note: if you choose to emboss the front cover with the recipient’s name, the date of birth will be printed as standard.