Personalised Toy Story Books


Son of a building block! Little sheriffs and space rangers can star in their very own Toy Story adventures…


From Andy’s bedroom, to Al’s Toy Barn to Bonnie’s back yard – “You’ve got a play-date with destiny!” and we’re personalising the adventures. Pick a Toy Story storybook and travel to the plains of the Wild Wild West or hop on a space shuttle for an intergalactic adventure (where there could be no signs of intelligent life anywhere). Be careful little sheriffs and space rangers, you could end up stuck at Sunnyside Day Care Centre under the tyrannical rule of LOTS-O! But not for long with the help of the best Toy friends any kid could have.

Toy Story taught us that toys see everything, and just like Jessie once said, even though toys aren’t moving, they feel like they’re alive, because that’s how we see them. Kids and grownups can reminisce the magic of Toy Story with our personalised collection. And we guarantee these personalised Toy Story books won’t end up as next month’s garage sale fodder for sure!