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Personalised Nursery Rhyme Books


Learning nursery rhymes is a great way to learn, and your child can have even more fun learning classic and modern rhymes with these beautifully illustrated books featuring their own name!


Nursery rhymes have been a part of childhood for hundreds of years, and are a great way for children to learn words and ideas. Within this great collection of personalised nursery rhyme book gifts, you’ll find both classic and modern nursery rhymes you and your child can have fun learning and reciting. All of these books are beautifully made with hand drawn illustrations that bring the personalised nursery rhymes to life, and they make for the perfect gift for very young children for birthdays or Christmas.

Each of the personalised nursery rhyme book gifts you’ll find here can be customised to show your own child’s name on the cover and title page, and also worked in to the artwork and rhymes on some pages. This makes each book unique to your child, and makes reading their own nursery rhyme books even more fun and engaging. You can also add a personal message for your child on the title page, and have your chosen book presented in a luxury gift box!