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Personalised Alphabet Books


These special personalised alphabet books for young children help make learning the alphabet fun!

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Personalised books make for a special gift, and with these beautifully designed alphabet books your child can really enjoy starting to learn their ABCs! With lovely hand illustrated drawings and bright colours, these books help your child to start recongnising letters and associating them with sounds, making those important first steps into beginning to be able to read and write.

Each kids alphabet book in this exciting range can be personalised to include your child’s name, and a special message of up to 80 characters that you can choose when you order. Your child’s name will not only appear on the front and back covers of your book, and on the title page, but also throughout the pages. Identifying their own name within the beautiful artwork inside the book will delight your child, and also help them begin to learn how to write their own name. These alphabet books are the perfect gift for toddlers who are starting to become interested in letters!

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