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Personalised "Little Favourites" Disney Books


Get all the Disney magic inside one of our “Little Favourites” books!


We all know that great things come in small packages, and this range is no different! Our Disney mini books are perfect for your little ones in a new A5 size – the same fun-filled Disney adventures in a pint-sized book. Let your child take control of reading time as they are transported into the heart of the story.

Bright, engaging illustrations paired with spell-bounding Disney storytelling, these books even feature your child as the star with their name written into the book. These adorable small Disney books will become a firm favourite fast and will take pride of place on any bookshelf.

From the lovable characters from Spider-Man and Tinkerbell, to the well-known favourites in Cars 3 and Frozen, our “Little Favourites” collection has a range of classic Disney stories. Tales of Bravery and the Great Fairy Rescue show important lessons for children, meaning there really is something for everyone.