My Adventure Books


Our adventure books transport your child to fantastical worlds!


Cast your child as the star of our mind-blowing adventure books. Travel to pre-historic lands and befriend a pet dinosaur or dig into some gruesome goings-on with a Horrible Histories book – no distant world is too far nor a subject too boring when your child is written into the action!

Since kids go through multiple phases, we’ve hand-picked the best books designed around their favourite films and tv programmes too. If they’re fans of the Avengers and are equally as crazy about the Guardians of the Galaxy, then they’re in for double the action-packed adventure with a Disney adventure stories book.

Children’s Adventure Books to Set Their Minds Racing

Including classics like Thomas the Tank Engine, Babar and The Velveteen Rabbit, our children’s adventure books will fuel the fire of their imagination. By starring directly in the story, your child is immersed into the action, reading each page where they’ll spot their name, spurring them along through the mesmerising illustrations until they simply can’t wait for their next adventure book!