Steve Jobs, the creator of the iPad and iPhone, was famously uncompromising when it came to his children using modern gadgets [1]. When asked if his children enjoyed the newly released iPad back in 2014 he stated that his children had not used it and have limited technology use in their home.

If Steve Jobs, who dedicated his life to creating and designing one of the world’s largest technology empires, only allowed his children limited use of tech, why is it that we see so many parents sticking phones, tablets and TVs in front of their kids today? With so many incredible and life changing benefits from activities such as reading, why do parents cut down quality time with their children and get them hooked on technology?

All parents want the best for their children. They want them to succeed and to be the greatest version of themselves. However, by limiting the time that your child spends reading and by increasing the time spent gawking at iPad screens, you are damaging the bond between yourself and your child and completely wasting time that could be spent together. What’s more, you could be damaging their potential for educational and financial success, as we discuss in our post on the benefits of reading to children.

If you want more for your child than teenage years spent with their phone glued to their hands, and adult years spent totally reliant on computers and artificial intelligence, develop a relationship with them by encouraging a love for reading.

At In The Book we have a huge range of personalised children’s books. By writing the child’s name into the story, they can become a Knight in Shining Armour, there to protect their family and home or a Unicorn prancing through flowery meadows while making friends and learning about themselves. Our books are made to engage and excite young minds, becoming an important part of your child’s daily routine.

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With one of our personalised books you can make your child feel incredibly special. By choosing to spend time with them while they explore their character and search for their name hidden in the illustrations, this happiness will only grow.

Perhaps you have read somewhere that your child’s cognitive development can improve when they are transfixed on a bright screen or after hours of dark video games. What you may not know is that reading for pleasure in children has more of an impact on cognitive development than parent’s education level [2].

Reading for pleasure is so important that it actually has more influence on later life achievements than socio-economic background [2]. Aside from the obvious benefits of reading to your child – such as the strengthened bond between parent and child as well as the huge growth in confidence your little one will gain – there are some surprising impacts too. Incredibly children who read books often as a child and more than once a week as a teenager gain higher results across a range of subjects including maths and spelling [3]. Clearly, if you really do want your child to be the best version of themselves, introducing them to the magical world of reading and personalised books really is the answer.

Perhaps you think that technology is the future and that your child has the best chance of succeeding in their career if they are tech savvy. You may not realise that in countries where more adults are at the highest level of literacy proficiency, and less are at the lowest levels, per capita incomes are significantly higher [4].

To view In The Book’s range of 200+ children’s book titles, click the image below.

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Moreover, children and teenagers who choose to read for pleasure have an increased chance of securing a professional or managerial job in the future [5]. Evidently, if you really do want the best for your child, you can encourage reading and open the door for success and accomplishment.

Do you want your child to achieve? Do you want your child to be happy, and have the confidence to build strong relationships? Make sure you don’t hold them back and make sure you do encourage reading. Personalised children’s books are a great place to start.

A Summary

  • Reading to your child strengthens the bond between parent and child
  • Reading helps to develop and improve confidence
  • Reading for pleasure has a greater impact on cognitive development than parent’s education level
  • Reading for pleasure has more influence over life achievements than socio-economic background
  • Reading often when young correlates with high results across academic subjects
  • Per capita incomes are higher in countries that are more proficient in literacy
  • Children and teenagers who read for pleasure are more likely to get professional jobs

child reading


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