Only the best parties are Sofia the First themed, right?! A birthday party isn’t a true party unless there’s a theme that your little one loves! 

We’ve listed our favourite Princess Sofia party ideas from the invitations you can use, decoration ideas as well as Sofia themed party games. 

We know that organising a party can be stressful enough without sticking to a theme, so this guide will inspire you with ideas to create the best Sofia themed birthday party your little one can dream of! If your child isn’t a fan of Sofia, hopefully these ideas can be used for any theme they would like.

Sofia the First Party Invitations

The party invitations are the first thing that the children will see, so these need to show the theme of the party straight away. Below are some of our favourite examples of Sofia the First party invitations, and will ensure that every child will be wanting to attend the Sofia party

Downloadable invitations (like the one below) are such a good idea as it means that you won’t have to spend a fortune on party invitations, especially with all the other party expenses. It also means that you can add any text or details that you need, all while getting the Sofia theme across to the invitees!

This particular invite leaves a great space to pop all the details for the party, as well as giving you the option to type or write out all the party information. Simple!

Princess Sofia Party IdeasImage by Oh My Fiesta

This next invitation is perfect for the creative parents and children out there – a princess dress shaped invitation! This invitation is perfect for getting the theme across as well as highlighting your creativeness. Imagine how excited all the little princes and princesses receiving this will be. It can also be used as a decoration in their rooms before and after the party – a great way to reuse the paper used in making the invitation.


Princess Sofia Party IdeasImage by BirthdayDesign

Another simple invitation design which is downloadable. The white space enables you to write the important information for your little one’s Sofia the First birthday party whilst being a simple yet effective way to highlight the theme of the party. These can be either handed out as they are, or in envelopes to make the invitees feel like princes and princesses. Like the first one, this is also a great way to keep costs down.

Princess Sofia Party IdeasImage by Zazzle

Sofia Birthday Party Decorations

Decorations can make or break the party theme, so make sure that you have enough decorations to carry the Sofia the First theme that your little one wanted. There’s nothing worse than an undecorated party space!

We suggest keeping to the purple, pink and cream/white theme to truly make it feel like a Sofia themed birthday party.

The table settings decorations (below) are some of the cutest decorations ever, and super easy to remake!

These straight away make you think of Princess Sofia with the purple and gold colours. It can also be used, like this example, to highlight how old your little one is turning! Another simple, yet effective decoration that can be repurposed into wands or room decorations!

Princess Sofia Party IdeasImage by Journal Party Whitney


When food matches the theme, it makes for a great party! Why not create some of Clover’s Bunny Tails? They’re much more delicious than they sound, don’t worry! Simply cover marshmallows in white chocolate and decorate with more grated white chocolate or coconut. 

Princess Sofia Party IdeasImage by Sippy Cup Mom

Another great way to decorate the space you’re holding the party at is with balloons and strips of tissue paper. This creates a backdrop for the snack table to go against, or a lovely photo opportunity! We, again, suggest sticking to the purple, pink and cream/white colour scheme as it is easily recognisable as Sofia the First even if there isn’t actually any Sofia images around. What’s even better is that it’ll be super easy to assemble – winner!

Princess Sofia Party IdeasImage by Pooplo Mails

Princess Sofia Party Games

Party games are always so fun at children’s birthday parties, but they can be slightly similar and hard to fit the theme. Stand out from the crowd with these party games ideas, adapted to be all about Sofia the First!

Pin the tail on Minimus. A classic game that will never age! This can be something that you prepare with your little helpers, if you’re feeling creative. Draw out (or print) a large Minimus and leave off the tail. Make multiple tails out of tissue paper with pom-poms at the end, and there you go – Minimus’ tail! Use a scarf or an eye mask as the blind fold and the children will love the game. You could even make a little prize for the winner if you’re feeling generous – if you do this, remember to put the initial of the child’s name at the top of the tail so there’s no arguing around who’s is who’s!

Princess Sofia Party IdeasImage by Carrielle

Another game that could also be used to calm the party down is colouring or decorating a crown. After lots of sugar and running around, there’s no doubt that the children will be needing to be calmed down before going home. Colouring or decorating a crown keeps with the Sofia the First theme, and gives them something to take home with them – perhaps instead of a party bag. Choose either a free downloadable template (like the one below), or get foam crowns from any craft shop for the little princes and princesses to decorate with sequins, glitter and more!

Princess Sofia Party IdeasImage by Cool Printables

Don’t worry if Sofia the First isn’t your little one’s thing, take a look at our Disney books for more inspiration for themes, or for amazing book ideas!