Personalised Incredibles 2 Book

If you think of The Incredibles and don’t immediately think “Honey, where’s my super suit?”, then are you really a Disney fan?! There’s just so much to love about this franchise. The innovative Supers have put their own twist on the idea of a ‘nuclear family’ since 2004 and produced wholesome family fun in just 2 hours and 5 minutes.

But, going with the times, The Incredibles 2 is fierce and more feminine than ever! A scintillating alternative to the fantastic film, the personalised Incredibles 2 book is the blockbuster hit where your child becomes the star of the book. What does that mean? Your child is written directly into the action, starring alongside their favourite family of Supers!

WARNING – SPOILERS AHEAD! How on earth have you escaped watching this film with your child?! If you don’t want to hear any more about the film before seeing it, click X now. If you’re still reading, we’ve narrowed down our top 5 reasons why your child (and you) will LOVE The Incredibles 2 book.

5) Your Child is Written Directly into the Story

There’s no waiting around to find out where the action is going to happen as the book picks up directly where The Incredibles’ family was after the first film, but, your child is along for the adventure. The book begins as a daydream where your child’s name will first appear. From then on, your child is directly addressed throughout – what happens in the story will absolutely blow your child away. Sometimes, your child will even know what’s happening in the story before the Supers! By putting your child in the story, they’re instantly captivated. They’ll be turning the page to find out what happens faster than Dash in a school race!

Personalised Incredibles 2 Book

4) Supers Become Legal Again

Firstly, why ban superheroes at all? They’re ambitious, they wear comfortable super suits (no capes of course) and they save the day! But, to the point, after a dastardly plot to make superheroes illegal forever, thought up by the mastermind, Evelyn – the plan backfires better than ever. The previous law banning Supers due a ‘destruction of property’ law is lifted. Supers all around the world come out from hiding and regain full legal status. What powerful message does this send to our kids? Family, whether it’s your own family or a family of Supers, is more important than material possessions.

3) Aunt Edna Takes Care of Everything

In the middle of all the action, the Parr family still don’t know Jack-Jack has superpowers. And not just ANY superpowers – multiple powers with unimaginable possibilities. When Jack-Jack’s powers finally surface, Bob is overwhelmed – the entire family actually. But there is an answer to manage the overpowered 1-year-old – Aunty Edna! Fans of the Incredibles franchise will be delighted to see the return of the pintsize-fierce, Edna Mode. Even though Edna is “not a baby person, I am an artist”, she finds a solution to Jack-Jack’s tempestuous abilities and creates a controller to manage his powers. First, she saves future Supers a few life-threatening wardrobe malfunctions by banning capes and then saves Mr Incredible from major baby-issues! There is simply nothing this daring, scene-stealing character can’t do.

2) The New ‘Photo Upload’ Feature

If starring alongside the greatest family of Supers wasn’t super enough, this personal touch certainly is. When your child is finished reading the book, the story doesn’t end there. On the final page, you can upload a picture of your choice. Why not take the perfect selfie of your child dressed up as their favourite Incredibles’ member and see it featured in the story? It’s a charming finishing touch to such a terrific gift. Your child will become a part of the Incredibles family and the book will be a precious reminder of one of their favourite books from their childhood.

1) Role Reversals

Elastigirl is out fighting crime and Mr Incredible is at home with the kids. There’s no need for gender stereotypes in this day and age and The Incredibles 2 book is following suit. We chose this point as number one because it’s empowering to see such forward-thinking, brave characters. Not that it matters who’s at home nurturing the children or who’s beating the bad guys, The Incredibles are moving with the times, creating 3-dimensional and most of all relatable characters to communicate important values to kids.