Rapunzel is definitely one of our favourite princesses – we absolutely love the Tangled movie, and can’t think of a better way to celebrate a birthday! There are so many ways to make a Tangled themed birthday party entertaining for your little one and exciting for their friends. We have thought of various party games, birthday cake ideas and ways of decorating your home to make it look like Rapunzel’s tower.

Continuing the theme of some of our great Disney princess party ideas, this post will take you through different Rapunzel party ideas and how to replicate each of them in your own home.

Go Wild With Decorations

Why we love this

Using paper, ribbon and your DIY skills you can turn your home into Rapunzel’s castle! Yellow and purple is the perfect colour scheme: the yellow hair and golden tiara, the purple dress and flowers that are weaved through her plaited locks. Any home decorated well will transport the children straight to the Tangled film!

What you need to replicate this

  • Start decorating for your Tangled theme party by filling your home with purple and yellow ribbons, thrown all over the house. If you cut the ribbon into strips and curl it using the edge of a pair of scissors this ribbon looks just like strands of blonde hair
  • Make paper chains by creating a loop out of a strip of paper and weaving other strips inside the loop you have made. This could be done out of thick yellow paper and strewn all over the house, up your stairs to make it look like Aurora’s hair
  • Alternatively, make a long strand of plaited hair out of yarn/wool and drape it all over the house for the same effect. You could add little purple and pink flowers into the plaited strands too
  • A true Tangled fan will know that every year Aurora’s parents ordered a huge lantern display on her birthday to encourage her to come home to them. You can replicate this with multicoloured balloons filled and left to rise to the top of all the ceilings in the house
  • You could also make lanterns out of yellow and purple paper and hang them from the ceiling
  • Finally, make sure your child is the best dressed at their party. Make their own Rapunzel hair braid for them to wear and they will feel like a princess!

Tangled Theme Party Food and Drink

Why we love this

There are so many ways you can make a Rapunzel Tangled party exciting and fun for your kids – one of them is by including all the food and drink in the theme. We know that all the children at your party will absolutely adore these ideas and we think you’ll enjoy making them!

What you need to replicate this

  • Try making miniature Rapunzel towers with two types of ice cream cones. Use a ‘cake cup’ cone as the base, and an upturned ‘pointed’ cone on top. Decorate the cones with food colouring or icing to make them look exactly like towers – you can even fill with sweets or chocolate
  • Make sure the bulk of your party food can be shaped in the form of plaits! For example, plaited breadsticks, cheese twists, twisted sweets, plaited bread rolls or donuts. All of the food will clearly resemble Aurora’s golden locks
  • Try to make all of your food and drinks follow the colour scheme: yellow and purple. Use grape and orange juice as drinks, find purple plates and cups and only use purple and yellow sweets 

Cone towers

📸 @abbycreativedesigns

Rapunzel Themed Party Games

Why we love this

We’ve thought of some fantastic party games for your little one to play with all their friends at their Tangled theme party! Your child will love playing these games and will feel like a true princess. The winner of the games could even win a tiara just like Aurora’s! 

What you need to replicate this

  • A fun party idea is teaching the children how to make their very own plaited strand of hair, filled with ribbons and flowers, just like Aurora’s. This is a good party game if your children love getting creative. You can make this a competition or use it in our other party games….
  • Pin the hair on Rapunzel – a classic! There are tonnes of ‘Pin the hair’ images available online for you to print. It is also very easy to make yourself. Simply find your favourite image from Tangled after Aurora has had her long locks chopped off. Then ask the children to pin their handmade locks of hair onto it
  • Maximus the horse plays an important role in the Rapunzel story. Fill a bucket up with water and fill with Maximus’ apples and get the children at your party to go apple bobbing
  • Get the children to pair up with each other. One at a time they will get the chance to ‘tangle’ the other in rolls of yellow tape or ribbon. The judges will choose which child is the most ‘Tangled’!
  • Another fun and original idea for your Tangled party is to get a photo of Aurora’s tower enlarged and printed out on card. Cut out the window at the top of the tower and all the children at your party can have their photos taken through the cut-out. Each child will look like just like Rapunzel

Tangled Themed Balloons

A Selection of the Best Tangled Cake Ideas

Aurora Cupcakes

If you are doubting your skills as a pastry chef, we think that these stunning cupcakes are the perfect birthday cake for you to attempt at home. Cupcake recipes are easy to get the hang of, and by the end of your cakes you will be a professional cake-icer! Simply print and cut out your favourite photo of Rapunzel and add to the icing to make her look like she is wearing a beautiful, edible dress! This is our favorite Tangled cupcake idea.


📸 @quekekon

Fondant Rapunzel Cake

If you think of yourself as a bit of an artist, you can get stuck in with this fondant cake. A basic sandwich cake of your choice, topped with a stunning and jaw-dropping centerpiece! For this Tangled cake idea, follow a step-by-step tutorial of how to create this masterpiece and everyone at your party will be seriously impressed.

Tangled Themed Cake

Aurora’s Tower Cake

If you’re feeling brave you should try this tower cake. Made from cake that is cut and moulded into different shapes, one on top of the other to make a stunning, tall tower of edible goodness. This Rapunzel cake idea can be decorated with icing, flowers, even fondant figures if you are confident. Don’t forget Rapunzel’s hair coming out of the window!

Tower cake