Beatrix Potter is credited with creating one of the most beautifully written and illustrated collections of children’s books – The Tale of Peter Rabbit being a firm favourite – and has enthralled generation after generation. We’ve even got an entire range dedicated to her famous blue-coated rabbit with our personalised Peter Rabbit books

In honour of the Beatrix Potter books and her loveable little characters, we’ve pulled together a few of our favourite Peter Rabbit party ideas, including party games, cakes and more. Just watch out for Mr. McGregor…

Peter Rabbit Party Invitation Ideas

One way to start a party before the guests even arrive, is to set the theme with your invites. Whether going down the DIY route or buying your invites, there’s loads of brilliant ways to include a bunny theme.

Bunny invite DIY

📸 farrenceleste

These bunny invites are made from paper and can be DIY-ed with a little creative cutting. Be sure to make sure your invite’s ears can fit in your envelopes. You can also use cute puns such as ‘some bunny is one’ to celebrate a first birthday, or ‘bun(ny) in the oven’ for a baby shower.

Peter Rabbit Invite

📸 farrenceleste

Believe it or not the invite pictured above is also handmade. A few carroty embellishments, and an appearance from Peter Rabbit himself will set your Beatrix Potter party going in style.

Peter Rabbit Themed Party Food

The children (and you too) will love nibbling on these party food ideas, inspired by the famed Peter Rabbit books. Why not go for every rabbit’s favourite veggie; carrot sticks paired with yummy dips which will be a healthy snack for the party bunnies.

Carrot Cupcakes

📸 coeliacbydesign

You could even create carrot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, and an added carrot made from sugar paste, which can be shop bought.

bunny ears

📸 onelittleproject

If you don’t fancy fake carrots, or want an additional way to decorate your cupcakes, these irresistibly adorable bunny ears will add a brilliant finishing touch. All you have to do is slice a marshmallow diagonally and then dip the sticky sides into some pink sprinkles. Arrange in pairs like ears on the tops of the cupcakes – the icing will act as glue.

Peter Rabbit Party Games

Bring Mr McGregor’s garden to life with this twist to the game Grandmother’s Footsteps. Assign one child to be the gardener while who stands at the far end of the room, with their back turned to the rest of the group. The rest of the group can be bunnies who stand at the opposite end of the room in a line. 

The bunnies sneak up on Mr McGregor when he (or she) isn’t watching – but at any point, the gardener can turn around. When they do, everyone has to freeze! If Mr McGregor sees any moving bunnies, they need to go back to the start. The bunny who reaches McGregor first is the next one to be gardener. Play a few rounds to maximise the fun!


📸 love-the-day

Other fun birthday party ideas for kids include the game ‘pin the tail on the bunny’: Draw (or print) a large outline of a rabbit on A3 paper. Stick some double-sided sticky tape to some cut outs of bunny tails, and voila – you’re all set to go. You’ll need a scarf to cover the kids’ eyes and a marker to put the child’s initials onto the paper, so you know whose tail is whose.

Whichever of our ideas you choose to create your Peter Rabbit party, we’re sure it’ll be an occasion to remember!