We have created a Literary Tube Map of London, replacing London’s most famous and established tube stations with pieces of outstanding literature set there. This tube map takes you on a journey through literature across the ages, from Charles Dickens’ classics to new releases from Robert Galbraith; all set within the city of London.

To create this tube map, the team at In The Book began by making a note of their favourite London-based novels. In-depth research of each story was conducted to identify the specific setting of each book. To build an extensive map and to fill as many of the stations as possible, the team decided to pick apart each tube line and examine each region of London. Looking at authors or people of influence who lived and grew up in specific locations, and identifying various landmarks that are fundamental in noteworthy pieces of literature, the map began to take shape. We finished by asking our colleagues, friends and family to help us fill any gaps.

The creative team at In The Book then took over and transformed a list of novels and authors into a work of art. We think the remarkable and complex London rail system is a unique way to learn about literature and an interesting insight into the city.

literary tube map