No idea how to gift wrap a book? Christmas and birthday presents looking like they were put together by Edward Scissorhands? Fear not, because your prayers have been answered! Our helpful guide shows you exactly how to wrap a book with wrapping paper the way the pros do it!

Creatively Wrapping a Unicorn Book with a Unicorn theme

So, you’ve purchased a unicorn book for your loved one, maybe it’s even our Personalised Unicorn Adventure Book. That’s the easy part done. Now for the hard bit! If only you knew how to wrap a book, right? Well, by the end of these 12 steps, you will!

Follow these steps to give your book a gorgeous pleated wrapping effect:

1) Cut out a rectangle-shaped strip of wrapping paper

The strip should be big enough to cover the whole of your book

2) Fold over one of the short edges

Place your strip in portrait, turn upside down so that the glossy side is face-down, and then fold the bottom edge up and over, about 1cm

3) Fold over the same edge but larger

Take the bottom edge and fold it over again, this time around 5cm (or one large grid line)

4) Fold over the same edge twice more

Fold the bottom edge the same way, and the same size as last time, again, and then again (three large folds total)

5) Open the paper back up and place glossy side up

There should now be three large crease marks (not including the first 1cm one) protruding up

6) Pinch each crease mark and fold

Take each raised crease and pinch it between your fingers, then fold back towards the nearest edge, creating a new fold about 1-2cm long. Keep all three crease line folds the same length

7) Turn the paper over and tape down ruffles

With the paper now glossy side down again, tape down the three large ruffles, in the middle of each, so that everything is more or less flat

8) Fold paper over book

Place your book in the centre of the wrapping paper strip. Fold over the unruffled part first and then fold over the ruffled part so that the pleats you’ve created are on top and sit directly above the book’s cover

9) Connect the two ends with double-sided tape

Stick a line of double-sided tape along the 1cm ridge you created right at the start. Use this to connect the two width ends of the wrapping paper together in the centre of the book cover, with no tape on show externally

10) Trim excess paper from the upper side edges

Turn the whole book upside down. Fold over the open side edges so that the top edges line up with the bottom of the book. Trim off any excess.

11) Fold the bottom side edges up and over

Fold up the bottom side edges, but this time, don’t trim the excess – instead, fold it over the top of the book and use the hard edge of the book cover underneath to make a crease in the paper. Fold this new creased line under – now, when you fold up the bottom side edges properly, they should line up perfectly. Stick a line of double-sided tape along the folded-under excess and use it to stick the bottom side edge to the top.

12) Add the finishing touches

Give your pleated present a ribbon, bow or string for a flashy, classy finishing touch. For a unicorn book, you could even add on a paper-made horn!