Looking to teach your little one about the meaning of friendship? Are you hoping to find a variety of friendship books for kids to enrich your bedtime stories?

From Woody and Buzz to Rapunzel and Princess Tiana, with In the Book’s range of books about being a good friend, your child can enjoy learning about friendship from all their favourite characters. Your child can learn about working together, creating lasting friendships and how to nurture friendships so that they blossom and grow through our amazing collection of heartfelt stories.

Better still, this collection of personalised books will be unique to your child. Your child’s name is featured on every page of the books and can even appear within the stories themselves, making them a character and friend alongside their heroes. Some also offer the opportunity to insert your child’s photo into the book to add another layer of personalisation to your special gift.

Read on to discover the best children’s books about friendship that your child will cherish as bespoke keepsakes.

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Personalised Disney Winnie-the-Pooh Story Book

This gorgeous edition of the timeless classic Winnie the Pooh will transport your child to the simple times of the Hundred Acre Wood. Featuring original stills from the Disney archive and hand-drawn illustrations, your child will learn about the meaning of friendship from one of the most popular groups of friends.

From the bubbly, bouncy Tigger to the stuffy, scatterbrain Owl, this exciting book will make your child feel like they are a part of the Winnie the Pooh gang and help them understand what it means to be a good friend.

From £27.99, your child’s name will be beautifully embossed in gold on the cover of a green hardback book, with your personalised message featured on the title page. For a finishing touch, it is presented in a free luxury gift box to protect your book throughout your youngster’s childhood.

Personalised Thomas and Friends Board Book

If you’re looking for perfect preschool books about friendship, look no further than this incredible Thomas the Tank Engine book! If your child is a fan of Thomas and Friends, they will love this book that’s all about facing the ups and downs in life together with your friends.

This book invites your child to join Thomas and Friends on their adventures, and it will boost their confidence when making friends. With your child’s name featured throughout the story, your child will feel as if they are part of the characters’ journeys.

From £17.99, your child’s name will be front and centre on the book cover and woven into the story. You can also add a loving message to the first page.

As Thomas says, ‘life is more fun when you have friends to share it with’!

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Personalised Moon and Me: The Little Seed Book

The perfect book for bedtime snuggles! From the creator of In the Night Garden, this personalised Moon and Me book allows your child to read and sing along whilst learning about the special friendships between the Moon Baby, Pepi Nana and the rest of the Moon and Me characters.

Based on the brand new CBeebies series for young kids, this Moon and Me book features colourful designs and wonderful songs, like The Friendship Song, making it the perfect bedtime read. The Friendship Song teaches your little one about being a good friend and how important it is to nurture your friendships so you can watch them grow. This personalised Moon and Me book is one of the best books about playing with friends for young children.

From £27.99, not only is your child’s name written throughout this hardback book, but you can also add a thoughtful message and your child’s photo. You even get a free gift box to keep this precious gift safe through the years.

Personalised Toy Story 3 Story Book

This Toy Story 3 book tells an emotional and heartwarming tale about friendship, as the Toy Story characters band together to come to terms with Andy leaving for college and ultimately overcome the evil Lotso. This is your child’s chance to join their favourite group of toys to work together and understand what it means to be best friends.

From £19.99, your child will become Woody’s favourite deputy with the excellent personalisation of this book that places their name throughout the story. Available in both soft and hardback, you can truly create a one of a kind present by adding your child’s photo to the final page of the story.

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Personalised Disney Princess Tales of Friendship

Disney Princess Tales of Friendship is the ideal gift for someone who dreams of being best friends with the Disney Princesses, as there is nothing more important than the power of female friendship!

This book features characters from Disney’s Tangled, Pocahontas and The Princess and the Frog, as well as the most important character of all: your child! Watch their excitement as they read about their friendships with Rapunzel, Pocahontas and Princess Tiana and learn about the importance of teamwork and leaning on friends when you need them most.

From £19.99, this personalised book is one of the top friendship books for kids, with your child featured as a character throughout the book. This book is available in both soft and hardback, and you can even include your child’s photo on the final page.

Personalised Finding Nemo Book

Let your child relive their favourite Disney film with this personalised retelling of Finding Nemo. Exclusively with In the Book, your child will learn about friendship from seeing Marlin and Dory become best friends on their underwater journey to rescue Nemo.

From £19.99, this 32-page personalised book is available in both soft and hardback editions and will feature your child’s name on the front cover and scattered throughout the story. You can also add their photo to the last page to make it extra special!

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Personalised Disney Olaf’s Frozen Adventure Story Book

Going beyond the popular Disney franchise Frozen, this personalised Olaf’s Frozen Adventure Story Book will include your child as one of the characters, alongside Anna, Elsa, Kristoff and, everyone’s favourite snowman, Olaf!

Your child can read all about their crazy adventures and see Olaf and reindeer Sven go on the hunt for Arendelle’s perfect festive traditions! From £19.99, your child will be in on the fun with their name appearing on the cover and every page of the book, and their photo will be specially featured on the final page.

From princesses and cowboys to snowmen and teddy bears, there is something for every child in In the Book’s range of personalised children’s books about friendship. The only thing left to do is pick which book you want to bring to life with your child’s name and personality!