Are you wanting to educate your little one about diversity, culture or simply want to make them a well-rounded child? We’ve compiled a list of the best children’s books about cultural identity, diversity and same-sex parents to give your child the best start in understanding others as possible. Take a look at our personalised children’s books to get inspiration for lovely gifts or keepsakes.

Best Children's Books About Diversity
Personalised Disgusted Hamster Book

We know that some children can be fussy eaters and seem afraid of trying new foods.

With our Personalised Disgusted Hamster Book, you can tackle this issue head on! The Hamster in the story only likes cheese, and with a lot of encouragement from his friends he tries new foods. 

By reading this book to your child, it will promote to them that being adventurous with food isn’t scary and should be something to encourage. Yes, we’ll all find a food we really love and want to eat it all day, every day, but it’s important to show your children that eating different foods is healthy and a way to experience other countries’ cultures.


Best Children's Books About Diversity
Around the World Personalised Book

A great children’s book about culture is our Around the World Personalised Book. The book features your child (written into the story) with adventurer Phileas Fogg as they travel around the world, visiting many countries from Italy, Egypt to China. 

At each stop, Phileas teaches your child the traditional customs that the country practises. For example, Phileas takes you to visit the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and teaches your child that in Italy they are known for ice cream and the Colosseum. 

It also gives your child an idea of what countries are near each other – for example, they visit Italy after France as they are travelling to the east, making their way back to London through Sydney and San Francisco. 

Another reason to love this educational, yet fun, book is your child’s name is drawn throughout the illustrations. You could make a game of how many names you can spot!


Personalised Beauty and the Beast Book

This book may not be one you instantly come up with when you think of diverse children’s books, but when you realise the deeper meaning of the story, it definitely makes sense. Our 

Personalised Beauty and The Beast Book is a great way to teach your child about different cultures and people, whilst having them enjoy a Disney Classic that they may already be familiar with. 

The Beast was a Prince who has been turned into the Beast by an evil spell, which in turn makes him very angry and want to hide away. Belle is at first scared of The Beast, but comes to realise that he is more than an angry person and treats him with kindness. This therefore makes The Beast relax around Belle and they eventually fall in love.

The story teaches us that just because people aren’t automatically kind to you, you should always treat them as you would like to be treated. We don’t always know the situations people are in, and therefore you need to be kind to everyone, no matter what.

Best Children's Books About Diversity
Personalised Moana Book

In this Moana book, your child will be immersed instantly in a new culture that is present in the Polynesian Islands. 

One of the main characters in the story, Maui, a demi-God, is a real God that the people of Polynesia believe in. Throughout the story, your child will be exposed to customs and traditions that are different to our Western beliefs which will pique their interest in the book as they want to learn more. 

By reading this children’s book about culture to your little one, you are uncovering new cultures and diversity that they may haven’t seen before. Who knows, this could be the beginning of a life-long interest in anthropology and cultures!

Children’s Books for Social Skills

Our whole range of books from Flossy and Jim, featuring our Disgusted Hamster book mentioned above, are ideal for helping children develop social skills, especially as they help children learn to face ordinary situations that they might usually find difficult! Aimed at children who have autism, these fantastically designed books are the perfect helping hands and give children that extra confidence boost. 

The books feature bold colours which encourage sensory development and the text is super easy to read, letting them dive in easily to stories about various characters and different concepts. Each child becomes the star of the story in the books, meaning they take on a main role and have to solve a challenging scenario. Reading these books along with your child is ideal for helping them explore different situations in a bright, fun way. 

best children's books about diversity

Personalised Hanukkah Story Book 

Our personalised Hanukkah book is perfect for teaching children about the Jewish religion! Whether your family is Jewish or you’d just like to teach your child about various cultures and religions, this story book takes your child back through time to learn about the origins of Hanukkah. Following a Dreidel that is transported back 2000 years to ancient Jerusalem, your little one will discover all about the festival of Hanukkah and open their eyes to the meaning of the religious holiday! 

Mommy, Mama and Me / Papa, Daddy and Me

One of the best children’s books on diversity would be books about having two parents of the same sex. There are two versions of this book – Mommy, Mama and Me and Papa, Daddy and Me, and each book is designed to show children that families are different and can have many different types of parents involved.

It will benefit any child who may not be exposed to a different family structure, or to any child with two same-sex parents. 

best children's books about diversity

Personalised Children’s Bible Stories Book 

Our Personalised Bible Stories book is adapted for kids, making it the perfect gift for introducing little ones to fascinating stories from the Bible! Bound together in a square book with bright illustrations and easy-to-read text, the book aims to help children learn about Christianity through important stories of Jesus. They’ll remember the word of God throughout as they become engaged in the stories, including Noah’s Ark and David and Goliath, helping to widen their understanding of the Christian faith. 

Personalised Disney Pixar Coco Book 

Your child will be taken on an exciting cultural adventure when they are transported to Santa Cecilia, Mexico to meet Miguel and his family! Our Personalised Disney Pixar Coco Book is based entirely on the popular Disney film, which has been praised for its respect for Mexican culture.

The concept of Disney’s Coco is inspired by the Mexican holiday called the Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos), taking place every year on November 1 and 2 to commemorate family and friends who have passed away. The holiday is widely celebrated in Mexico and our Coco book gives children an insight into this Mexican tradition! 

Personalised Marvel Black Panther Story Book

Marvel’s Black Panther movie has been credited with providing a lesson in diversity and representation in its celebration of black culture! With an almost all-black cast, and a black man taking on the role as the superhero protagonist, Black Panther breaks the usual superhero movie mould of a white man being the hero. 

Our Black Panther story book brings the adventurous and action-packed tale of T’Challa fighting for his place as King of Wakanda in a different format! Your child can read all about the battle to defend Wakanda as they flick through the pages, as well as explore a story that champions black culture and a more diverse superhero experience.