What better way to celebrate a birthday than with a Disney Frozen themed birthday party?! A birthday party isn’t a true party unless there’s a theme! 

We know that it’s stressful enough organising a party, let alone thinking about what the children will be doing throughout! We’ve created a list of the most impressive Disney Frozen party ideas, from the best invitations, decoration ideas and even Frozen party games. 

This guide will inspire you to give your child the coolest (or should we say iciest?) birthday party ever. 

If your child is wanting to be a princess for their special day, look no further for the best Disney Princess party ideas.

Frozen Party Invitations Ideas

The party invitations are the first thing that the children will see before the party, and so these need to highlight the theme well. Here are some suggestions for Frozen party invitations that will ensure every child will be wanting to go to the Frozen party of the year. 

Free and downloadable invitations (like the below) are always a good idea because invitations can be expensive, and with the rest of the party expenses it’s best to keep costs to a minimum where possible. 

This invitation is simple but gets the Frozen theme across very well. It’s also great as you can just write the appropriate information in and don’t have to worry about printing them out with typed information. Very simple!Frozen Invites

📸 Buba Kids 

We at In The Book love this next invitation idea. It’s a little more effort than the previous, but it makes such a special and unique invite that everyone will remember. 

For this, all you’ll need is a couple of marshmallows, pretzel sticks, a sweet/candy nose and a bag to package them in. These will also make the children super excited to attend the party – mission complete!

Frozen Invites

📸 One Creative Mommy 

This next invitation idea is perfect for the princess lovers out there – a princess dress shaped invite! The invite will make princesses squeal with excitement when they open this dress invite – it can even be used as a decoration in their rooms before the party. Frozen Invites

📸 Laura’s Craft Life

Frozen Party Decoration Ideas

Frozen themed birthday parties have been a popular choice in the past few years, and the decorations can really set apart each party, so these Disney Frozen party decoration ideas are unique and will make this party a memorable one. 

Balloons are always a hit at children’s birthday parties, so make them a decorative feature! 

Fill balloons with helium and attach string and a snowflake on them to make it look like it’s snowing – the children will love trying to catch them.Frozen Decorations

📸 Apartment Therapy

The food and snacks at a children’s birthday party can be a part of the decorations and overall theme. For a Frozen party, sticking to a blue and white theme is the best. Find blue and white paper straws, blue cups, even label water as ‘melted snow’! Frozen Decorations

📸 Uplifting Mayhem 

Frozen Party Game Ideas

Party games are always great at birthday parties, but they’re mostly the same. Stand out from the crowd with these unique party games, made especially for Frozen!

A DIY bowling game that will get everyone involved. All you’ll need is water bottles, white acrylic paint and some markers. This is a fun activity to do before the party with your little helpers, and a great party game as it’s so easy! 


Frozen Bowling

📸 Family Disney

Another game you could play before the end of the party (to calm down all the sugar-filled children) is decorating biscuits/cookies with Frozen decorations. Give the children blue and white icing as well as glitter and sprinkles to go crazy with!

This also works instead of a party bag as the children will be able to take the cookies home with them. Frozen Cookies

📸 Two Sisters Crafting

If you find yourself stuck for birthday present ideas, our Frozen books would make the perfect gift!