If your little one is Disney Princess obsessed, a Cinderella-themed party for their birthday might be on the cards for you this year. When seeking some Cinderella party inspiration look no further. We’ve gathered some fun and easy ideas, from food to games, to make your princess’ party pop. And if you’re looking for an ideal gift, our Disney Princess book would certainly fit the bill!

Cinderella Party Invitation Ideas

The first thing needed to create a party fit for a princess is the right kind of invitation. Your invitation will set the tone of the party before it even begins, creating excitement for your little one’s occasion. Their friends will love seeing the theme already set out for them when they open these delightful Cinderella party invites.

A simple printed invite which includes all the right wording such as “Once upon a time”, and “royal ball will help set the tone. Sealing the envelope and hand-delivering them will add a personal touch.

If you’re looking to go the extra mile and create an activity for you and your little one to bond over, DIY invitations are a great idea. Pink shimmery paper, some glitter and some creative cutting out can create a beautiful invite and give your guests the royal treatment.

Cinderella Invites

📸 artsyfartsymommy

You can further add to your Cinderella theme with these home-made scroll invites, issuing a royal decree for your guests. The below are made from wooden dowels and beads, gold paint and thick paper. Simply use some calligraphy (or download a royal font) and issue them to your guests of honour.

Cinderella Invite scroll

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Cinderella Themed Party Food

When planning your menu, its easy to find inspiration for Cinderella themed party food. Cinderella’s blue ballgown is instantly recognisable, and so blue cupcakes are a must. You can even buy (or better yet, make) some simple Cinderella toppers to finish them off, transforming the blue frosting into the bottom of Cinderella’s ballgown, or making them a cushion for a crystal slipper.


📸 pxfuel

When selecting treats for children’s parties, its easy to focus on sweet treats and unhealthy snacks, which are fine in moderation (it is a party after all). We’ve also found some healthy options which can easily be transformed into themed nibbles for your little VIPs. For example, these Cinderella pumpkins are made from tangerines and celery sticks to create unique and healthy treats.

Cinderella party food

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Don’t forget that Cinderella wasn’t always a princess, and these cheese and pretzel broomsticks are a cute reminder that she began her tale doing chores before becoming the princess we all love. A reminder of her humble beginnings could be a handy reminder when you’re faced with a room full of celebrating princes and princesses.

Cinderella party food2

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Cinderella Themed Party Games

Once your princes and princesses are fed, they’ll need some games to make the day even more fun, and so we’ve come up with some Cinderella themed party games that will have them giggling. One iconic part of the fairy tale is when Cinderella loses her crystal shoe when she leaves the ball. You can recreate that drama by showing them a shoe and telling them the other is hidden somewhere within the party area for the children to find. It needn’t be a crystal slipper, a pair of old heels or even a doll’s shoe will do. The one who finds the shoe will be the winner.

Tiaras and princess parties go hand-in-hand, so setting up a crafts station where the children can create their own crowns is sure to keep them occupied. Add a competitive element by awarding a prize to the winner, perhaps the birthday girl can be an honorary judge and get to wear the winning tiara as they blow out their candles.

cinderella tiara

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A royal ball for your princess won’t be complete without some music and dancing. You can add a royal twist to brilliant musical games such as musical chairs by renaming it Musical Thrones and having your little ones dance to their favourite tracks. If your space is large enough you can have them race to get from the ball (one wall), back home (the opposite wall), when you call out that the clock is striking midnight.

Whichever of our ideas you choose to create your Cinderella princess party, we’re sure it’ll be a birthday to remember.