Now more than ever, it’s important to keep ourselves, and our kids, entertained. Why not take a look at some of our picks for the best personalised children’s books of 2020 that’ll make wonderful presents for lockdown and beyond this year.

From magical fairytales to exciting superhero adventures with our exclusive Disney and Marvel license, we’ve got something to capture the imagination of every child. Children’s books with personalised names will make your child’s reading experience extra special. They can join their favourite characters as they explore fantastic worlds and fight against evil. Their name will appear throughout the book, bringing the stories to life as they become the star of the story. Check out our bestsellers of 2020 below.

Personalised Unicorn book

Always Be a Unicorn with the Personalised Unicorn Adventure Book

Is your child always wishing they could become a unicorn with their own magical powers? Our personalised unicorn book lets them indulge in their very own sparkly adventure! This enchanting story lets children be unicorns and gallop from one magical place to another, discovering Candyland and a mysterious forest along the way! With their own name and photo in the book, they’ll be fully immersed in their very own unicorn tale.

My Book of Nursery Rhymes

Nursery rhymes have been a huge part of children’s lives for hundreds of years, making nursery rhyme books the perfect gift for little ones! Our personalised nursery rhyme book helps children learn new vocabulary and stories in a cheerful, musical way! Your child will see their own name appear throughout their book while they learn classic rhymes like Incy Wincy Spider, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and many more. Let them discover timeless nursery rhyme characters in a book just for them!

Personalised Disney Board Books

Find Out “What Makes Me a Princess?” with Disney

The Disney princess board book is the ideal personalised children’s book for toddlers. Your little one can learn the ins and out of what it means to be a princess. The book is cleverly curated to ensure your child learns through gentle repetition, helped along by charming illustrations they’ll surely love. This wonderful book uses questions and answers to teach your child about the personality traits and hobbies of some of Disney’s favourite princesses. They’ll read about bravery, kindness and creativity as they learn some of the key ingredients to being a princess – and of course, isn’t that what every little girl dreams of? You can even add a photo to the back of the book for an extra personalised touch.

Star Alongside Peter Parker in this Spider-Man Book

He’s one of the most popular Marvel superheroes because he’s one of the most unique, and your child can star in their totally unique adventure alongside Spider-Man in this personalised book. When we promise their name is written into the story, with this book it’s extra special as their name is truly ‘woven’ into the story’s illustrations in true web-slinging style.

This book is produced exclusively for In The Book in partnership with Disney and Marvel, and you can check out our Spider-Man book here.

Personalised Disney Alice In Wonderland Story Book

Alice In Wonderland is a Disney classic that has been loved by children all over the world since its first publication. Our personalised Alice in Wonderland book is a great gift idea for anyone who enjoys indulging in a bit of nonsense every now and again. Delve into Alice’s Wonderland, where truly anything is possible! Your little one can join Lewis Carroll’s crazy cast of characters in this adventure filled tale. They’ll meet the Cheshire Cat with his wicked grin, the White Rabbit who’s always rushing, and join the Mad Hatter for one of his famous tea parties.

Personalised Finding Nemo Book

Another swimming addition to our list of the best personalised children’s books of 2020 is the Finding Nemo book. Your child will have a whale of at time with all the characters in this charming story about a lost little clownfish. With this personalised book your child can help Marlin as he journeys through the deep ocean to find his only son Nemo. Along the way they encounter sinister sharks, terrifying jellyfish, and a whole host of ocean challenges. This exciting tale is guaranteed to keep your child smiling for hours as they swim, sail and splash alongside their fishy friends.

Personalised Pet Dinosaur Book

Personalised Pet Dinosaur Story Book

If they prefer mammals to deep sea critters, how about our personalised Dinosaur book? If it isn’t quite the right time to get a dog or a cat, the My Pet Dinosaur book will definitely suffice! Your child will test out a bunch of dinosaur species before deciding which one they want to call their very own pet. Your child will learn about all of the dinosaurs they meet along the way with fascinating facts about their potential pets, including a t-rex, triceratops, and a stegosaurus. They’ll love being the main character in the story, and hopefully they’ll discover which dinosaur is the perfect pet for them!

We like to think there’s a personalised book for every child in our impressive collection, and we implore you to have a look around to find that perfect quarantine antidote!