Learning to read is a very challenging process for young kids, but a very important skill nonetheless. There are lots of ways parents can help their child pick up the skill from an early age, but the most vital is reading together on a regular basis.

Reading with your child will promote phonological awareness, as many personalised baby books focus on rhymes and individual syllables. Fortunately, there are plenty of books to help kids learn to read at your disposal, like our range of kids books that are personalised with your child’s name and a loving message. Some even give the opportunity to add an adorable photo of your child and a luxury gift box to make it an extra special present!

Take a look at our personalised books that will help your little one learn to read!

personalised baby books

Personalised “On The Day You Were Born” Book

Available in either a pink or blue hardback, this “On The Day You Were Born” book is not only the perfect first book to celebrate the baby’s arrival, but it’s also an excellent way to introduce them to reading from a young age.

Personalised to feature your baby’s name on every page, you can start to teach them to identify their name and they will eventually learn to read the adorable story for themselves. You can also add a photo of your child to the final page! From £27.99.

best books for kids learning to read

First Steps Alphabet Board Book for Toddlers

This is one of the best books for kids learning to read, as it helps you teach your child the alphabet. Each letter is accompanied with a recognisable object, like an apple or a cat, so this book also helps build your child’s familiarity with the world around them.

From £17.99, this alphabet board book will feature your child’s name scattered throughout the pages, making this book a memorable gift for someone just starting to learn their ABCs.

Very Special You, Personalised Journey into the World Book

Everyone loves the vibrant colours and whimsical stories of the Very Hungry Caterpillar! Well, now your child can be part of the story with our Very Special You, Personalised Journey into the World Book.

From £27.99, each page of this stunning hardback book features very short snippets of words, making it a great book for building up a young reader’s confidence as their skills develop.

My Book of Nursery Rhymes

Nursery rhymes are so useful when teaching your child to read, as they begin to understand and recall the repetitive phrases. With our Book of Nursery Rhymes, your child’s name is personalised throughout the book, making this a really special bedtime read.

From £19.99, your little one can learn to read with Incy Wincy Spider, Row, Row, Row Your Boat, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and many more adorable nursery rhymes! Their book will come with a personalised message and you can even choose from a variety of softback and hardback covers.

best learn to read books

Personalised Arty Mouse Tracing Activity Book

Activity books, like our Personalised Arty Mouse Tracing Activity Book, are great interactive learning tools for teaching your child to read. This tracing activity book features small lines of text for your child to practice reading, as well as tasks that challenge their motor functions.

From £19.99, their name will appear throughout the book on every page, so they will be able to hunt for it within the pages as their ability to identify words improves.

Edward Lear Alphabet Book – From the Archive

Edward Lear poems are timeless classics and this Edward Lear Alphabet Book is certainly one of the best learn to read books out there. This book features detailed illustrations to accompany each letter and amusing poems to help teach your child to read.

From £27.99, their book will come with their name on the cover and you can include a special message to the title page to create a lovely keepsake present. It even comes with a luxury gift box to protect the book through the years.

First Steps Wheels on the Bus Board Book

Singing is one of the best ways to introduce your child to language, so this Wheels on the Bus Board Book is very useful for learning to read. Children find it easier to process language when it is repetitive and rhythmic, which is why the sing-a-long function of this board book is perfect for teaching your child to read.

With your child’s name personalised throughout the book’s illustrations, this book introduces your child to phonetic sounds with easy-to-understand phrases. From £22.99.

books to help kids learn to read

First Steps Learning Shapes Book for Toddlers

This colourful Learning Shapes Book is another good book for teaching your child to read, as they will love identifying the shapes within the book and begin exploring shapes in the world around them. 

With very large, easy-to-read text, this board book will have your child reading in no time! Your book will be customised with your child’s name appearing throughout the book, along with a personalised message on the title page too. From £27.99.

We have a wide variety of books for every child, ready to help them learn to read. Watch as they begin to identify different pictures for all the letters of the alphabet or as they start to spot their name sprinkled within the illustrations!