A lovely way to celebrate the festive season is with a warm cup of hot chocolate and a charming Christmas-themed book to read with your little one! Whether your child would love something to read to get them in the Christmas spirit, or if you’re looking for the perfect gift to put under the tree, make your child’s Christmas even more magical with a fun, festive book!

This post helps you find the best Christmas books for kids, which you can personalise to make very thoughtful and special gifts. These books range from stories about Santa to Disney classics, letting you choose the perfect Christmas read for over the holidays. For even more Christmas books for kids, take a look at all of our Personalised Children’s Christmas Books!

Best Personalised Books for Christmas
Your Letter to Santa Book

We all know that the prospect of Santa coming to pay a visit is the highlight of every child’s Christmas, especially if they’ve sent him a letter themselves! This exciting Your Letter to Santa Book is written from Santa, telling your child that he received their letter and explaining the journey of delivering their presents under the tree. 

Your little one can follow along with Santa’s adventure while spotting their own name in the text and illustrations, as well as their photo at the back of the book if you choose to add one! This book is perfect for reading on Christmas morning, when the magic of Santa’s visit is still very much in children’s minds.

Best Personalised Books for Christmas
Twas the Night Before Christmas – Personalised Book

This beautiful personalised book really brings Clement Clarke Moore’s popular poem to life, telling the tale of the night before Christmas alongside hand-drawn illustrations! This the Night Before Christmas Book is perfect as an early Christmas gift, ideally for bedtime reading on Christmas Eve! Your child will really be in the festive spirit and be eager for Christmas day to arrive. 

Even more, they’ll see their name appear on the front cover and throughout the illustrations, and you can even add a special message and an image to make the book a lovely seasonal keepsake! This is a timeless edition of the poem that your child can treasure for years to come. 

Best Personalised Books for Christmas
Personalised 12 Days of Christmas Book

Our Personalised 12 Days of Christmas Book is ideal for children who are eagerly counting down the days to Christmas! This modern adaptation of the popular Christmas song lets your child read and sing along to the famous tune, as well as enjoy the story as it unfolds on each page! Since the words are different from the original, your child will never know what’s coming next! 

With magical Christmas activities written into the book, such as buying a turkey for Christmas dinner, writing a letter to Santa and decorating the tree, little ones will be thrown into the magic of Christmas as the big day gets nearer and nearer. Their name will also be woven into the illustrations throughout the story and on the front cover of the book, making this an ideal festive keepsake to get children ready for Christmas year after year!

Best Personalised Books for Christmas
When Santa Got Stuck up the Chimney

The best Christmas themed books for children are even better when they’re bound to make them laugh! For a fun and light-hearted Christmas tale, this When Santa Got Stuck up the Chimney Book is ideal for making little ones chuckle on the night before Christmas! Santa just can’t resist all the mince pies children around the world have left for him to eat, and delivering presents is hungry work! However, after one too many mince pies, Santa faces a bit of trouble as he gets stuck in a chimney! 

This charming book puts your child directly in the story, as they take on the role of the heroic dog who comes to save Santa! With their name on the cover and throughout the tale, your child will feel even closer to the magic of Christmas as they see their name appear on the pages.There’s also the option to add a photo of them to the back page, to make this book even more of a thoughtful gift this year!

Best Personalised Books for Christmas
Personalised The Nightmare Before Christmas Storybook

Nightmare Before Christmas books, bringing to life the popular Tim Burton and Henry Selick Disney story, make fantastic festive books with a little twist! This frightful tale combines Christmas with Halloween, showing disaster unfolding as the Pumpkin King tries to bring Christmas into Halloween Town! With some strange consequences, the story really shows little ones why the two occasions shouldn’t be combined! 

Since this book has both Halloween and Christmas themes running through it, the book is best read in the period leading up to Christmas after the fun of Halloween has come to an end. It will certainly keep your child entertained throughout the winter months as Christmas draws closer! The personalisation available for the book makes it an adorable version of the classic Disney story, letting your child see their name on the cover and throughout the pages! 

Best Personalised Books for Christmas
Personalised Christmas Story Collection

If you’re feeling extra generous this year, or you’re struggling to decide which book to choose, why not give your child five festive tales in one with this personalised Christmas story book collection? This collection book is the perfect gift for when you want to give your child lots of Christmas stories to enjoy in one stunning festive book!

The book is filled with different Christmas adventures, including our When Santa Got Stuck up the Chimney tale and the classic Nativity story! Your child becomes the star of every one, seeing their name appear throughout, and there’s the option to add an image to the back too! What better gift to give this Christmas?

Best Personalised Books for Christmas
Personalised Disney Mickey Mouse Christmas Carol Book

This iconic Disney spin on Charles Dickens’ famous novel is definitely one of the best books for Christmas 2019! Featuring the popular Disney characters in a retelling of A Christmas Carol, this Mickey’s Christmas Carol book is a classic festive story to read to your child over the holidays. 

Mickey Mouse takes on the role of Bob Cratchit, who works for Ebenezer Scrooge McDuck – a very cold-hearted man who despises Christmas! But will he eventually get into the Christmas spirit?

Your child will definitely love this Christmas tale, especially since they’ll recognise their favourite Disney characters! They’ll also spot their name on the cover and throughout the story, placing them directly in the tale alongside Mickey Mouse and the others! The perfect festive book for Disney lovers this year. 

Best Personalised Books for Christmas
Personalised Tiny Tatty Teddy’s Christmas Book

Tiny Tatty Teddy makes an appearance in this Personalised Tiny Tatty Teddy’s Christmas Book! For best Christmas themed books for your little one, this adorable book is perfect for taking your child through through all the fun Christmas activities that prepare us for December 25th! 

From wrapping presents to hanging up stockings, you and your child can follow along as Tiny Tatty Teddy gets ready for a very magical Christmas! This cute tale is personalised especially for your little one, with their name appearing throughout the story and an option to add their photo to the back! A charming touch to a lovely Christmas tale, your child will be sure to love reading their Tiny Tatty Teddy’s Christmas Book for many Christmases to come. 

We hope this post has given you plenty of ideas for finding the best Christmas books for 2019!