A baby shower is one of the most special events in a soon-to-be mum’s life, letting them celebrate their journey into motherhood! With the birth of their baby just around the corner, it’s the perfect occasion to get friends and family together to show their love and support. Their baby shower will be a celebration they’ll never forget, which is why giving the perfect gift is so important!

While wonderful organisation and planning is key to hosting the perfect baby shower, choosing a gift that’s just right makes the occasion even more special. In particular, books are fantastic gift ideas, since they can be cherished for years to come, and reading the book together is an activity both parent and baby can enjoy!

In this post, we’ll be showing you some of the best personalised baby books for you to buy for the shower, from baby record books to remember the early days, to learning board books that give babies a head start on their development! A personalised book dedicated to the little one will always be treasured, especially as they grow older.

Baby Record Books

best baby shower books


1. Personalised Baby Record Book 

Some of the most popular book choices for baby showers are baby record books! They’re great for new parents to record some of the milestone moments in their little one’s early life. As well as being a special activity for new parents to complete as their baby grows up, the book is also a sentimental gift they can treasure forever and look back on in years to come! 

Our Personalised Baby Record Book is filled with hand-drawn illustrations and journal pages that let you write in their favourite bedtime story, their family tree, and even stick in their very first photo! You can keep a record of all their ‘firsts’ and unforgettable moments in their early days, making this book one that can be treasured for the rest of their life. This book is perfect if the soon-to-be parents have decided on a name already!

To make the book an even more spectacular gift, there’s also the option to include a gift box and elephant cuddly toy! This means the baby will get a cute toy they can cuddle up with straight away, and the parents get a beautiful journal to remember their most special moments. 

2. Personalised Babar Welcomes You to the World Book

This book is a great gift to buy to welcome the little one into the world, featuring Babar the Elephant! Our Personalised Babar Welcomes You to the World Book is a storybook all about celebrating the birth of the baby, making it one of the best books for baby showers! 

Even as the child gets older, they can treasure the book for years to come as a special memento of their earliest days. With hand-drawn illustrations and a gift box included free of charge, your parents-to-be will be delighted with their own keepsake to remember the beginning of their little one’s life!

Books They’ll Cherish Forever

When deciding on the best books to give as baby shower gifts, you can never go wrong with timeless classic stories! Featuring popular children’s characters from over the years, these books are both collector’s items, and enjoyable storybooks. Here are some of our favourite classic books that your little one will cherish forever: 

peter rabbit baby shower book

3. Peter Rabbit’s Personalised Hopping Into Life Book

Beatrix Potter’s well-loved Peter Rabbit is a timeless children’s character who has been popular among all generations! Our wonderful Peter Rabbit’s Personalised Hopping Into Life Book brings the child into the magical world of Beatrix Potter, letting them see how Peter Rabbit enjoys his life. With their name on the cover and throughout the story, the book is made especially for the little one and is a special keepsake they can treasure even as they get older.

If you’re hoping to go the extra mile with your gift, another one of our Peter Rabbit books, Peter Rabbit’s Little Guide to Life, comes as a gift set along with a cuddly rabbit toy! 

baby shower book


4. 60th Anniversary Paddington Bear Book – Two Stories in One

The beloved children’s character and British icon Paddington Bear has brought joy to children’s lives for over 60 years. Our 60th Anniversary Paddington Bear Book features two stories in one to celebrate 60 years of Paddington, bringing you an extra special baby shower gift idea! 

The mum-to-be will be over the moon to receive this charming Paddington book, giving them another story to read with their little one, as well as a special collector’s item set to treasure! The book even arrives in a luxury gift box, keeping the book safe from damage. With the little one’s name on the cover, they’ll always cherish their book that’s been made especially for them!

For other Paddington Bear gifts, take a look at our gorgeous book gift set, which also includes a soft toy of Paddington for the little one to cuddle up to in their early years! 

5. Personalised Thomas the Tank Engine First Edition Book

There’s nothing like a special first edition book to make your baby shower gift stand out! Our classic Personalised Thomas the Tank Engine First Edition Book brings you the first ever published Thomas the Tank Engine story in a lovely blue cover, featuring the little one’s name on the front. There’s even the option to present the book in a pastel coloured gift box! This book will take the little one right back to the beginning of Thomas, creating a gorgeous keepsake gift. 


6. Personalised Disney Winnie-the-Pooh Story Book

A.A. Milne’s popular characters have entertained children for generations, transporting them to the magical Hundred Acre Wood! Our timeless Personalised Disney Winnie-the-Pooh Story Book brings the tale of Winnie the Pooh and his friends to life, featuring the baby’s name on the front cover. There’s no doubt the little one will love to follow along with Pooh and the gang as they embark on their adventure, especially when the book has been created just for them. 

This Disney classic also comes in a set with a Winnie the Pooh cuddly toy and gift box as well, if you’re hoping to give something a little bit more!  

pooh baby shower book

Baby Board Books

If you’re looking for some educational books to give at a baby shower, then baby board books are an ideal choice! These books are made from durable boards, which are perfect for little ones who like to bite everything in sight! They’re also a smaller size to make them easy for babies to hold on and turn the pages. 

Board books are especially great for developing babies’ cognitive skills from a young age, as they are easy to follow, feature bright colours and prompt the little one to think and answer questions!

best baby shower books


7. First Steps Alphabet Personalised Board Book

This fantastic First Steps Alphabet Personalised Board Book is great for giving the little one a head start on their learning! Featuring bright colours and large text, this board book is designed to help them practice their A, B, Cs. This book makes an ideal baby shower gift that is both enjoyable and practical, giving the little one an activity to complete with their parents! 

As well as an alphabet board book on its own, you can also choose from a colours or numbers board book! 

8. Board Book Set – Nursery Rhymes Collection 

Nursery rhymes have been a part of children’s lives for hundreds of years, and are often the first songs little ones learn to sing! Our Nursery Rhymes Collection features two board books that allow babies to sing along as they get older, as well as follow the words on the pages. The set includes Old Macdonald Had a Farm and The Wheels on the Bus, two of the most well-known nursery rhymes today! This special set makes an ideal baby shower gift, giving two presents in one, and introducing little ones to memorable rhymes they’ll no doubt become very familiar with throughout their childhood!

Personalised Disney Board Books

9. What Makes Me Great? or What Makes Me a Princess? Disney Board Books 

Disney has always held a special place in children’s hearts and continues to enlighten and entertain little ones. These fantastic Disney board books are a great way to introduce the baby to some recognisable Disney heroes they will most likely become familiar with during their childhood and also let them reflect on why they are great! 

Our What Makes Me Great? board book is designed to spark the little one’s cognitive responses, letting them discover what qualities make them and popular Disney characters great. Along with their name on the cover and hand-drawn illustrations, this book teaches children what traits a hero, and good person, should have.

Our What Makes Me a Princess? board book is perfect for children who you think will grow up to love the Disney Princesses! This book teaches kids that anyone can be a princess, they just need to know how! By asking questions and engaging in the brightly coloured pages, little ones will get to kickstart their development when they know what qualities can make them a princess too.

These Disney board books books make ideal baby shower gifts as the baby will become acquainted with the loveable and popular Disney characters that will make their younger years special!

10. Personalised Peter Rabbit Birthday Surprise Board Book

Peter Rabbit makes another charming appearance, this time in a remarkable board book made especially for babies! Our Personalised Peter Rabbit Birthday Surprise Board Book takes the little one on a journey with the beloved Beatrix Potter character, prompting them with questions about the illustrations on the page! This board book is a perfect baby shower gift that engages the baby in the story and helps them learn to count, spot different things on the pages, and much more! 

Create Your Own Book

11. Create a Baby Shower Guest Book

Another fantastic baby shower gift idea is to create your own guest book for the occasion! While many baby shower gifts focus on the arrival of the baby, creating a piece of memorabilia to remember the celebration is a lovely gift idea for the parents! The mum-to-be will always treasure their special day and be able to look back on messages from the people she got to share it with.

One way to do this is to buy a plain scrapbook at a local store, then write the name of the mum-to-be and ‘Baby Shower’ on the front along with the date of the shower. Then, on the day, you can greet guests as they arrive and get them to write loving messages to your loved one! You can also take the book home with you after the shower and stick in photographs from the day to make the book stand out even more. 

12. Create a Baby Predicting Book 

Baby showers are always filled with interesting predictions about the soon-to-be newborn, with family and friends discussing when the due date might be, how much the baby might weigh, and much more! Creating a Baby Predicting book is a funny and memorable book that will be sure to bring a smile to the mum-to-be’s face. 

The best way to do this is to buy a plain scrapbook, then write “Baby Predictions” on the cover. Then, ask all the baby shower attendees what their predictions are for the baby’s birth, whether it’s the date, their weight, or even later questions, such as how old they might be when they take their first steps! They can then sign their predictions on their own page in the book, and the new mum can refer to it when the baby is born! 

13. Create a Baby Advice Book 

Some helpful tips and advice for new mothers will never go amiss! If you want to help your loved one feel as prepared as possible for giving birth and starting their new life as a mother, creating a Baby Advice Book for them is a very practical and thoughtful present. 

You can gather together some useful tips and advice, then collate them together in a plain scrapbook, which you can decorate however you wish! You can make the book more personal by adding the new mother’s name and “Baby Advice Book” on the front cover. The book can be made even more special by returning to the book and adding a photo of the new mum and their baby once the little one is born!