It’s your wedding anniversary – congratulations! It’s the one day of the year most parents can commemorate their togetherness. Remember celebrating your wedding anniversary before children? With kids on the scene now, you may well be wondering what to do on your anniversary.

The great thing about little ones is they bring a different element of fun and excitement to special occasions. Why not embrace your wedding anniversary with the kids? It’s a great way to have fun as a family and to celebrate your love for each other on this special day.

The goal for most is to escape from the kids for a small period of time, but why not include the children in the celebration? There are plenty of ways to get them involved in the festivities. With this in mind, here are some child-friendly ideas for anniversary celebrations, perfect for families who’d like to include their children in doing something to celebrate the special day.


1. An Outdoor/Indoor Picnic



A picnic in the park makes for one of the best family days out. You can enjoy a walk, breathe in some fresh air and if there are ducks, then it’s even better – you can show your child/children how to feed them. This activity is quite possibly one of the few activities you’ll be lucky enough to get some time alone with your partner while the kids are away burning off some energy. Another way to get the kids involved is by asking them to help prepare the picnic basket; grab a few sandwiches, crisps and treats from the local shop, as you don’t necessarily need to cook, and enjoy a budget-friendly, kid-friendly, al-fresco-style anniversary celebration.  Be sure to bring a football, Frisbee or badminton set to keep them entertained, again, you’ll be able to snuggle up with your other half whilst they knacker themselves out so be sure to bring a blanket and sip on some good vino. A picnic can be enjoyed during the day or night, and your back garden works just as well too if you don’t fancy venturing too far! If it’s too chilly for that, opt for an indoor picnic; order pizza and set up camp on the lounge floor, put on a movie or play some fun board games.


2. Ideas for Anniversary Day Out

Revive that inner child and take a trip to an amusement park – the kids will love it as much as you. All of you can indulge in your favourite junk food and discover who screams the loudest on the rides. What better way to bond than clutching each other snugly while plunging down that first hill on a rollercoaster? If you’re after something slightly more sedate, then opt for a boat trip. Find out what your local city offers – what could be more romantic than sailing along a river with your lover and the little ones? Alternatively, you could visit a museum, take a trip to the cinema, head to the swimming pool, go bowling, go to the zoo, skating rink, try your luck at go-karting, play crazy golf, bounce around like kids at an indoor trampoline park, head out on a family bike ride… the list is endless.


3. Cooking with the Kids

It’s time to roll up your Gordon Ramsay/Delia Smith sleeves and concoct some tasty treats (with the help of the kids too). Why not kick-start the day with a delicious breakfast for the whole family? Spend some time in the kitchen whipping up tasty treats for the whole family to enjoy, like pancakes, garlic bread, chocolate-covered strawberries, milkshakes, spaghetti and meatballs, fish and chips, fajitas, making pizza, baking biscuits or cakes. Get little ones involved in the preparation – you could let them help put the bread in the toaster; spread the toast with their favourite topping using a dull butter knife or cut up bananas; put the cereal in bowls and pour over the milk (just make sure to keep the milk in an easy-to-reach spot in the fridge, and practice pouring together to help avoid any major spills); peel the eggs ready for boiling (hard-boiled eggs are easy to make ahead of time and will keep in the fridge for up to one week); let them help with the pancake mixture or toast some waffles (under your supervision).


4. Eat Out at a Family-Friendly Restaurant

If a romantic, candle-lit dinner for two’s out of the question, consider heading to a family-friendly restaurant. That doesn’t necessarily mean a fast-food eatery, perhaps go to one that offers a children’s menu, play area or activity sheet at the table for the kids. Little ones often enjoy eating out as a nice treat, as long as they have something to keep them entertained while they’re waiting for the food. The atmosphere will be a tad rowdier than you’d perhaps otherwise like, but you’ll still be able to relish in some together time with your partner.


5. Movie Marathon to Celebrate Anniversary with Kids

After all the fun, end your wedding anniversary celebrations with a family-friendly movie marathon together. Get out the pillows and blankets, throw on your PJs, stock up on your favourite nibbles, light some candles, and get cosy for a family movie, whether it’s a new release or an old-time favourite.