fantasy series

The Best Fantasy Series Books To Fill Your Life with Magic

Chandler Chandler

Fantasy series books are a magical portal that transports us to different worlds, filled with awesome characters and extraordinary adventures. ...

sexy comics

Let’s Get Graphic: 7 Sexy Comics

Chandler Chandler

I do not like the idea of “guilty pleasures.” People should enjoy what they like without feeling bad. I think ...

bookmark ideas

9 Super Easy DIY Bookmark Ideas, from Simple and Sophisticated to Colorful and Whimsical

Chandler Chandler

Do you love reading books but hate losing your page? Do you want to make your own bookmarks that reflect ...

indian writers in english

Best Indian writers in English: A Journey Through Literary Gems

Chandler Chandler

India is famed for its beautiful literary story, and it has become a hub for Indian writers in English whose ...

30+ Ruskin Bond books

Chandler Chandler

Ruskin Bond, the celebrated Indian author, has gifted us with a treasure of literary gems. Let us talk about the ...

So Lucky by O'Dawn Porter

Book Review: So Lucky by O’Dawn Porter 

Chandler Chandler

I’m back with another review of a book that I loved. It is called So Lucky by O’Dawn Porter , ...

the family upstairs

Audio Book Review: The Family Upstairs by Lisa Jewell

Chandler Chandler

Title of the Novel: The Family Upstairs Writer: Lisa Jewell Publisher: Penguin Books Australia Published: 3 March 2020 Pages: 480 ...

The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart

New Release Book Review: The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart

Chandler Chandler

About the book Written By: Holly Ringland Published On: March 19th 2018 Publisher of the Novel: Harper Collins Books Australia ...

it starts with us

“Book Review: It Starts With Us by Colleen Hoover 

Chandler Chandler

Intro of the book Colleen Hoover is a famous writer of modern love stories. Her new book, “It Starts With ...

Last Thing He Told Me Review

THE Last Thing He Told Me Review

Chandler Chandler

The Last Thing He Told Me is a book by Laura Dave. She is a famous writer and her book ...